Social & Behavioral Sciences

If you’re an empathetic servant leader who enjoy helping others, learning about human behavior and working in groups, this pathway is for you. JJC can prepare you for several in-demand career fields, such as psychology, sociology, education, human services and more. You can expect to participate in classroom activities that will enhance your resume and easy transfer opportunities to four-year schools.

Some highlights include:

  • Classes that teach basic strategies that professionals use in the field everyday
  • Preparations for certifications that will help you enter certain career paths only after a few semesters (like teacher’s assistants)
  • Fundamental classes that will improve your confidence and skillset

Joliet Junior College's Social and Behavioral Sciences Department offers classes in anthropology, child development, education, history, political science, psychology, and sociology for transfer/occupational degree programs.

Social & Behavioral Sciences

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    In addition to standard courses, students can choose to explore more detailed areas of interest, including:

    • French Revolution (HIST 205)
    • The Civil War and Reconstruction (HIST 250)
    • History of WW II (HIST 270)
    • Marriage and the Family (SOC 270)
    • Cultural Diversity in America (SOC 290)
    • Stress Management (PSYC 272)
    • Developmentally Appropriate Infant/Toddler Care (CDEV 250)
    What is Unique About Social & Behavioral Sciences?

    The Social & Behavioral Sciences Department has a variety of disciplines, degrees/certificates and an assortment of course offerings including face-to-face classes, online classes, and hybrid classes. Students have the opportunity to take courses that last between eight and 16 weeks.

    Contact Information

    Susan Krause
    Social and Behavioral Sciences, Chair
    Office: J-4003

    Myra Mitchell
    Social and Behavioral Sciences, Secretary
    Office: J-4002

  • Programs & Course Offerings

    Anthropology courses offer students a better understanding of world cultures in addition to an observation and analysis techniques of human behavior.

    • ANTH 101 - Introduction to Anthropology
    • ANTH 275 - Cultural Anthropology

    Child Development
    According to the Illinois Department of Employment Security, the next 10 years will show a 42 percent growth rate in new child care related jobs. The Child Development career program is designed to prepare students for employment in a variety of positions in the growing early care and education field.

    History courses offer students an understanding of social, cultural, political, and economic developments from various periods of time. 

    Political Science
    Students will gain knowledge of national, state and local U.S. government in addition to comparative government studies.

    Sociology courses introduce students to the foundations of sociological concepts. Studies include: gender, sex, marriage, cultural diversity, marriage and African American studies.

  • Education

    At JJC, you can earn your general education requirements and introductory professional education courses at an affordable price, then transfer to complete a bachelor’s degree in education. JJC also offers a Teacher Assistant program for those who want to enter the field immediately after JJC.

    Professional education courses such as Introduction to Education (EDUC 101), Introduction to Technology in Education (EDUC 115) and Students with Disabilities in Schools (EDUC 240) are available for students to take at JJC. Those who want to pursue a career in teaching should first meet with an advisor to determine what classes are best for their career goals.

    What is Unique About Our Program?

    From expert professors with real world experience to the flexibility of evening, online or hybrid classes, JJC has many benefits for education majors. In addition to academics, JJC also offers leadership opportunities, an Athletics program and free tutoring.

    Students can choose to pursue an associate of arts or science degree for transfer. JJC also offers a Teacher Assistant associate of applied science degree and certificate.

    What Are My Career Opportunities?

    Career opportunities include elementary, middle school, high school and special education. To learn more, contact an advisor or visit the Career Services Center.

    Teacher Assistant
    Teacher assistants support public or private school teachers in daily classroom activities. They provide assistance in regular classrooms, in special education classrooms, and in one-on-one situations with special needs students. Teacher assistants are being employed at all levels of education from early childhood through secondary education.

    Learn more about Teacher Assistant program

  • Psychology

    Psychology courses offer students both an introduction to psychological concepts as well as in-depth looks at topics such as abnormal psychology, child development, health psychology, stress management and more.

    Resources for Students Interested in Majoring in Psychology

    Psychology Scholarships

    National Scholarships in Psychology Websites

    Scholarships Specific to Psychology in Selected Illinois Schools

    State Schools

    Local Colleges and Universities

    • Lewis
      • General list of scholarships, the Dr. John Greenwood Endowed Scholarship is specific to psychology
    • St. Francis
      • General list of scholarships; the Jane Engleton Snyder ’35 Scholarship, the Virginia J. Saxon Trust for Scholarships and the Frances Naal-Sczepaniak Endowed Scholarship have psychology as a preferred major

    Be sure to contact admissions and financial aid as well as research scholarships at the specific school to which you are applying. There may be additional grants, work-study programs or scholarships available to you based on merit and/or need.

    Specialization Fields within Psychology

Transfer to a Four-Year School

You can save thousands on your education by attending JJC your first two semesters compared to a four-year public or private institution.

Study Abroad

As a member of the Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs (ICISP), JJC offers many study abroad opportunities around the world for students of any major. Destinations include Japan, Costa Rica, England, France and more!

  • How to Study Abroad

    At JJC, you can choose to study abroad during the fall, spring or summer semesters. All students who want to study abroad should fill out an application and have it completed by the deadlines below.

    • Spring Program: October 15
    • Summer Program: February 15
    • Fall Program: May 15

    More on Study Abroad


  • Teacher Assistants

    Regional Employment & Annual Openings - Teacher Assistants

    Employment (Regional) Annual Openings
    2019 169,991 20,352
    2020 172,428
    2021 174,434
    2022 176,072
    2023 177,565

    Annual Earnings & Median Earnings - Teacher Assistants

    Annual Earnings (By Percentile) Median Earnings
    10 $25,620.61 $35,366.48
    25 $29,458.47
    50 $35,366.48
    75 $42,066.39
    90 $49,369.97

    Education Attainment Levels - Teacher Assistants

    Education Attainment Levels (By Percent)
    A High School Diploma Or Less 22.08
    A Certificate 30.84
    Some College 23.39
    An Associate Degree 18.65
    A Bachelor's Degree 0.00
    A Master's Or Professional Degree 5.05
    A Doctoral Degree Or More 0.00
  • Lawyers

    Regional Employment & Annual Openings - Lawyers

    Employment (Regional) Annual Openings
    2019 119,740 7,453
    2020 121,369
    2021 122,765
    2022 123,987
    2023 125,073

    Annual Earnings & Median Earnings - Lawyers

    Annual Earnings (By Percentile) Median Earnings
    10 $60,355.75 $139,110.92
    25 $87,785.34
    50 $139,110.92
    75 $219,640.04
    90 $298,959.03

    Education Attainment Levels - Lawyers

    Education Attainment Levels (By Percent)
    A High School Diploma Or Less 0.00
    A Certificate 0.00
    Some College 0.00
    An Associate Degree 0.00
    A Bachelor's Degree 0.00
    A Master's Or Professional Degree 67.83
    A Doctoral Degree Or More 32.18
  • Child, Family, and School Social Workers

    Regional Employment & Annual Openings - Child, Family, and School Social Workers

    Employment (Regional) Annual Openings
    2019 33,864 4,232
    2020 34,777
    2021 35,535
    2022 36,169
    2023 36,730

    Annual Earnings & Median Earnings - Child, Family, and School Social Workers

    Annual Earnings (By Percentile) Median Earnings
    10 $35,409.89 $55,316.76
    25 $43,619.32
    50 $55,316.76
    75 $74,249.76
    90 $94,958.35

    Education Attainment Levels - Child, Family, and School Social Workers

    Education Attainment Levels (By Percent)
    A High School Diploma Or Less 0.00
    A Certificate 0.00
    Some College 0.00
    An Associate Degree 5.51
    A Bachelor's Degree 68.66
    A Master's Or Professional Degree 25.83
    A Doctoral Degree Or More 0.00