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JJC's online application is completely free. For a list of next steps after applying, visit our Admitted Students page

Application for New and Former Students

Apply using this application if you fit into one of these categories: (1) new student, (2) new student with earned college credit, (3) former student, (4) veteran/military or (5) you want to make changes to a previous application. Not sure where you fit in? Visit our Admissions page to learn more.

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Application for Undocumented or DACA Students

  • Undocumented Students: Call (815) 280-6709 or email for assistance.
  • DACA Students: If you have an official assigned social security number, complete our online application, listed above. 

Application for Dual Credit Students

After getting permission from your high school, you can fill out a Dual Credit Application. Questions? Visit our Dual Credit page or call (815) 280-6927. 

JJC Dual Credit Application

Application for Early Entry Students

If you're still in high school and under age 17, you can apply to take classes at JJC early. You must first fill out our Early Entry form, then fill out our JJC new student application above.

JJC Early Entry Form (PDF)

Application for International F-1 Visa Holders

Please refer to our International Students page for specific instructions. Questions? Call (815) 280-2870.

Paper Application

If you are unable to complete our online application, you can request a paper application. To request a paper application:

Special Admissions (Health & Science)

Students who want to study nursing, radiologic technology, sonography or veterinary medical technology need to fill out a second application to get into the program. For more information, visit our Admissions page and find the "Health and Occupational Science Students" section.

Questions? Contact the Admissions Office.

  • Call (815) 280-2493
  • Email
  • Visit Room A-1020 on Main Campus (1215 Houbolt Road in Joliet)

Application Dates

  • JJC Fall 2021 applications are now available
  • JJC's Spring 2022, Summer 2022, and Fall 2022 applications will become available on October 1, 2021
3 Easy Steps to Apply
  1. Visit our Admissions page. Refer to the "Who Are You" section to learn about how you should approach our application.
  2. After submitting an online application, print or save our confirmation page for your records.
  3. Expect an acknowledgement email, sent to the email address you included on your application. 

Online Application Help

  • How to Navigate the Online Application

    When filling out the application, it is important that you know:

    • Everything that has an asterisk (*) beside it is required for you to fill out. You cannot leave these fields blank.
    • Use the "back" button to navigate between screens and the "tab" key to navigate between fields.
    • If you have problems submitting the online application or if you need technical help, email

  • Online Application Requirements

    • You are required to use your social security number to apply. This is the best and most effective way to identify you. This is especially important for processing and maintaining accurate educational records. Your social security number is restricted to internal college use. JJC cannot use your social security number to match your application with ACT or other test scores, financial aid or maintenance of your academic record.
    • You will only be allowed to submit ONE application per term. Additional attempts at submitting applications will be denied.
    • Do not use "None" or "N/A" (not applicable) in completing field information. For example: If you do not have a middle name, just leave that field blank.

Next Steps After Applying

After you submit your JJC application, there are a few more steps to complete. Take a look below to learn more.