Tutoring & Learning Center

The TLC provides FREE  in-person and online tutoring with peer or professional tutors for nearly every credit-bearing course at JJC.  Call or stop by to schedule your appointment.

  • Locations

    Hours vary by location.  Please review the information below to select a Tutoring and Learning Center location that best meets your needs. Keep in mind that some tutoring services are limited to a particular location.

    Main Campus, C-2010
    815-280-CUBE (2823)

    Romeoville Campus, RMA-1039

    City Center Campus, JCTR-6002

    Online Tutoring – Smarthinking

    iCampus offers free online tutoring to JJC students enrolled in credit-bearing courses. ALL JJC credit courses have a link on their course's menu within Canvas to Smarthinking. The subjects supported are:

    • Business
    • Computers and Technology
    • Mathematics and Statistics
    • Reading
    • Science
    • Spanish
    • Writing


    Drop-in Session -  Connect with an expert tutor for a live session on demand.

    Schedule a Future Session -  Schedule a live session with a tutor in the future. Please note that these appointments must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.

    Ask a Question -  If you don't have time for a live session, send a tutor an academic question. Turnaround time for a response is typically within 24 hours.

    Writing Center -  Have your writing reviewed by an expert tutor. You can submit a paragraph, essay, or just a question 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Turnaround time for a response is typically within 24 hours.

    Smarthinking Support & Additional Resources

    If you need help, please contact Smarthinking at http://smarthinking.echelp.org/.

    For additional Smarthinking Resources, watch the helpful videos on the Smarthinking website at http://smarthinking.com/student-resources.

  • Hours

    • Main Campus: Monday-Thursday 8 AM-6 PM; Friday 8 AM-2 PM
    • Romeoville: Tuesday-Thursday 12 PM-8 PM 
    • City Center: Tuesday-Thursday 2:30 PM-8 PM
    • Call or Email to make an appointment!

  • Workshops

    TLC peer and professional tutors administer a variety of academic workshops. 

    Call 815-280-2823 or email tutoring@jjc.edu to reserve your space!

    Upcoming workshops: 

     On Course: This workshop series will work through eight skill sets vital to student success.  You will get the most benefit if you attend all the workshops in the series.  But, we know everyone's schedules (and skill sets) are different.  Join us when you can! 

    Date Time Title Series Location
    22-Jan 1:00 PM On Course: Personal Responsibility On Course Main C-2010
    29-Jan 1:00 PM On Course to Success: Discovering Self-Motivation On Course Main C-2010
    12-Feb 1:00 PM On Course to Success: Mastering Self-Management On Course Main C-2010
    26-Feb 1:00 PM On Course to Success: Employing Interdependence On Course Main C-2010
    18-Mar 1:00 PM On Course to Success: Gaining Self-Awareness On Course Main C-2010
    1-Apr 1:00 PM On Course to Success: Developing Emotional Intelligence On Course Main C-2010
    15-Apr 1:00 PM On Course to Success: Adopting Lifelong Learning On Course Main C-2010
    29-Apr 1:00 PM Staying On Course/Celebration On Course Main C-2010


    Peer Perspective: These workshops are led by peer tutors who are living the student experience.  They provide first-hand knowledge and tips to make help you along your student journey.

    Date Time Title Series Location
    27-Jan 12:00 PM JJC “Lifehacks”: Tips and Tricks to surviving JJC. Peer Perspectives Main C-2010
    5-Feb 2:00 PM Say What You Want to Say: Improving your Communication with Professors Peer Perspectives Main C-2010


    Study Skills: Do you need to brush up on some "old school" study skills?  These workshops can provide you with fresh ideas on how to master some of the basic study skills.

    Date Time Title Series Location
    28-Jan 1:00 PM Wut?: How to Read an Assignment Sheet Study Skills Main C-2010
    3-Feb 2:00 PM How to Form and Use Study Groups Study Skills Main C-2010
    6-Feb 1:00 PM Wired for Success: Pointers for Excelling in Online Classes Study Skills Main C-2010
    13-Feb 2:00 PM Better, Faster, Stronger: Improving your Reading Skills Study Skills Main C-2010
    24-Feb 1:00 PM Study Smarter, Not Harder Study Skills Main C-2010
    26-Feb 2:00 PM Calming Academic Anxiety Study Skills Main C-2010
    17-Mar 1:00 PM Neuromyths: How to Make the Most of What Science Tells Us about Learning Study Skills Main C-2010




  • Drop-In Math

    The Main Campus TLC provides drop-in math tutoring for all levels of math coursework, including placement testing preparation.  With no appointment necessary, a student can work with peer and professional math tutors.  Students may also receive assistance with the following math software: My Math Lab, My Stats Lab, and Geometer's Sketchpad.

  • Open Writing Tutoring

    The Main Campus provides open writing tutoring two days a week.

    Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 AM to 4 PM.

    Drop-in or just come hang out and work with a tutor nearby to help when you need it.

    We're happy to help with any stage of the writing process including: getting started on your paper, formatting in MLA or APA format, writing your thesis statement or general grammar help.

  • Presentation Tutoring

    If you are preparing a presentation for a speech course or any other course on campus, a professional speech tutor is available to assist you at the Main Campus TLC with the following:

    • Developing presentations
    • Drafting outlines
    • Conducting research
    • Practicing presentation
    • Learning PowerPoint
    • Recording presentations   

  • Reading and Writing Tutoring

    TLC peer and professional English tutors can help students with English and all other courses at JJC with regard to the following:

    • Reading comprehension
    • Reading Strategies
    • Brainstorming ideas
    • Developing a thesis
    • Organizing ideas for essays and research
    • Outlining 
    • Revising a draft
    • Supporting arguments
    • MLA/APA and other formatting
    • Integrating quotes
    • Using correct documentation
    • Creating effective introductions and conclusions
    • Identifying  strengths and weaknesses in writing
    • Reviewing grammar
    • TLC peer and professional English tutors can also provide assistance with writing scholarship essays and college application essays.

  • Study Aids

    The Main Campus and Romeoville Campus TLC locations provide JJC students with access to study aids including accounting books with solution guides, and natural science biology models and flashcards.  TLC's biology models.

  • Test Preparation

    The TLC provides in-person and online test preparation assistance for placement testing (Accuplacer, ALEKS), high school equivalency testing (GED, HISET, TASC), and the TEAS. 

    Learn More about Test Preparation 

    Looking for a chance to improve your placement scores? JJC's Preparation for Progress placement test program provides FREE tutoring, testing tips and tricks, and student resources. Get information now to get started!

  • Getting the most out of tutoring

    • Go to class!
    • Make a reasonable effort to complete homework.
    • Bring class materials including: textbook, assignments, notes.
    • Make lists of questions, issues, or concerns.
    • Be ready to actively participate with your tutor.

  • Tutoring Guidelines

    To provide high quality and consistent service, the TLC requests all patrons abide by these tutoring guidelines.  

    • Tutoring is not a substitute for attending class. If a student does not attend class, he/she cannot participate in tutoring.
    • TLC tutors will not assist with practice tests or take-home exams.
    • Students may only be tutored for classes in which they are currently enrolled.
    • Students may only receive one hour of tutoring per week per subject unless otherwise approved by the Tutoring and Learning Center Supervisor.
    • If a student is more than 10 minutes late, his/her appointment is automatically cancelled. If a student misses two appointments, Tutoring and Learning Center staff have the right to deny the student future tutoring appointments. The student will then be permitted to use these services on a drop-in basis only.
    • Student must provide at least two hours' notice prior to cancelling a session.  Students who chronically cancel sessions may lose schedule privileges for the semester. 
    • Children are not allowed in the Tutoring Rooms.
    • All tutees must adhere to Student Code of Conduct.

  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Closures

    Scheduled and unscheduled events may close the Tutoring and Learning Center.  Please review the links below to learn about these closures and plan your visit accordingly.

    Academic Calendar

    Winter Weather Info

  • Tutoring and Learning Center Staff

    Elizabeth Bell, Tutoring and Learning Center Supervisor
    Office: C-2009
    Phone: (815) 280-2855
    Email: elbell@jjc.edu

    Debbie Kroeger, Tutoring Clerk
    Office: C-2012
    Phone: (815) 280-CUBE
    Email: dkroeger@jjc.edu

  • Apply for a Tutoring Position

    Each semester, the Tutoring and Learning Center hires 15-20 peer tutors to lead one-on-one and group tutoring sessions, as well as to assist and/or lead workshops.  If you are interested in becoming a Tutoring and Learning Center Tutor and meet the following criteria, we encourage you to go to the Career Services webpage and apply.

    Tutoring and Learning Center Peer Tutor Qualifications

    Peer tutor job opportunities are posted on the JJC Employment website.

    • High school diploma or equivalent
    • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
    • Completion of at least one semester of college coursework
    • Enrollment in at least six credit hours during the semester you plan to tutor
    • An A or B earned in subject area to be tutored
    • Ability to communicate effectively with students/faculty
    • Ability to work with minimum supervision and maintain confidentiality
    • Patience, problem-solving abilities, with a proven history of reliability
    • Previous work history

    Tutoring and Learning Center Professional Tutor Qualifications

    Professional tutor job opportunities are posted on JJC's Employment website.

    • Vary depending on subject area and level of experience and education


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