Career Services

Our Career Services Team is dedicated to assisting YOU in the discovery of YOUR future career! Looking for a job (on or off campus) or an internship, our team can help! We also provide opportunities to work with a First Year Career Pathway Coach or Career Advisor on choosing a college major and exploring careers.  

Stop by our office in the Campus Center, A-1175, call us at (815) 280-2756, or email to schedule an appointment.

Undecided Students should attend a Career Information Session. In this workshop, you will learn the importance of choosing a major early; find out what resources are available to help you begin the major selection process; and begin to develop a major selection plan of action. Workshops are offered throughout the semester. Register today - space is limited!

What Can I Do With This Major?

Job Fairs

The Career Services Center sponsors the following annual job fairs and On-Campus Recruiting opportunities. For more information, please click the links below.

  • Part-Time and On-Campus Job Fair

    The Part-time and On-Campus Job Fair is sponsored by Joliet Junior College's Career Services Center and held annually for JJC student seeking part-time jobs on and off campus.

    This job fair is free to employers and open to JJC students only.

    Date: Fall 2019 - TBD

    * JJC Departments will be recruiting students for On-Campus Student Employment positions. If you are looking for a part-time job on or off campus, don't miss this job fair!


    If you are an employer interested in attending job fairs hosted by JJC, please see the Employer Job Fair Information & Employer Qualifications (below) before registering for our job fairs. There is no charge to attend this job fair.

    Employer & JJC Department Registration

  • Skilled Trades Career Fair

    Here is an opportunity for employers to connect with JJC students and alumni, veterans and community members who have a mechanical or technical skill set or who have worked in a skilled trades environment.

    Date: Fall 2019 - TBD


    • Qualified candidates with work experience in the skilled trades' industry
    • All candidates will come prepared with a resume
    • Company information on the JJC web site
    • Lunch provided to employers
    • No registration fee for employers.

    Employer registration is now closed.

    Participating Employers List - from the October 2018 event

    If you have additional questions, contact us via email at or call 815-280-2756.

  • Nursing Job Fair

    The Career Services Center has a variety of opportunities available to provide students and graduates with meaningful employment and career resources.

    Date:  FALL 2019 - TBD


    This recruitment event is being held in conjunction with the Nursing Professional Seminar, a nursing student professional development day that is coordinated by the Nursing Department Faculty. Students are required to attend this event and meeting with you is included in their schedule for the day.

    Since employers are included in the Nursing Professional Seminar schedule, you will meet with graduating RN students. The students will meet with you in 2 separate groups, every 60 minutes. There will be approximately 35-40 students in each group.

    Employer Registration is now closed.

    Job Seekers

    The Nursing Job Fair is free to current JJC students and alumni job seekers.

  • Employer Hiring Days

    Employer Hiring Day offers employers maximum exposure to current JJC students seeking part-time employment opportunities.

    Participating employers are placed in a high-traffic hallway at JJC's Main Campus. A table, two chairs, and a table sign are provided. We encourage employers to bring their own tablecloths, signage, hand-outs, and giveaways.

    Employer Hiring Days are free to employers and are held from 10:00am - 1:00pm.  Spring Employer Hiring Day events will be held on:

    • Wednesday, February 6th
    • Wednesday, February 20th
    • Wednesday, March 6th
    • Wednesday, March 27th
    • Wednesday, April 17th
    • Wednesday, May 1st


    Register Here: Spring 2019 Employer Hiring Day

    Please note: Employer Hiring Days are not formal job fairs. Students are not be required to register or bring a resume. Although all dates and registered employers are advertised, student engagement and participation is not guaranteed.  

    Questions about Employer Hiring Days can be directed to Therese Mahoney, Employment Advisor at