Admissions & Recruitment

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Jennifer Kloberdanz
Director of Admissions & Recruitment


Jennifer oversees the recruitment and admissions functions for the Admissions Office at Joliet Junior College.  Jennifer has over 30+ years of experience in financial aid and admissions.

"During my career, I have worked in higher education in various enrollment management positions. As a community college graduate and the director of admissions at Joliet Junior College (JJC), I am very passionate about the mission of community colleges and am extremely excited to showcase JJC’s state of the art facilities and many academic program offerings. The first impression to the student is key since it reinforces to students that JJC is an excellent first choice in pursuing their career path. Lastly, I enjoy working with the Admissions team on a daily basis to serve the students and communities in the JJC district."

Recruitment Staff

The recruitment staff‘s main responsibilities are to promote the college and all it has to offer to prospective students.  This is done through high school visits, college fairs, open houses, campus tours, admissions information sessions, etc..


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Susan Bartels
Recruitment Specialist

Phone: 815.280.2355
Primary High Schools: Coal City, Gardner South Wilmington, JCA, Lemont, Minooka, Newark, Peotone, Plainfield Central, Plainfield East, Providence, and Wilmington

Sue’s role also focuses on the recruitment of students who are home-schooled and is primarily responsible for outreach to high school counselors through the Office of Admissions bi-monthly newsletter, the Joliet Junior College Inside Scoop. 

" I really like getting out and talking to the students at the various high schools – each school has its own personality and vibe and the students truly reflect this."

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Jon-Pierre Bradley
Recruitment Specialist

Phone: 815.280.2863
Primary High Schools: Bolingbrook, Romeoville, Morris, Dwight, Reed Custer

Jon-Pierre (JP) assists new and returning adult students (age 25+) in completing the admissions process. He also plans adult informational sessions, works with local businesses as well as attends college fairs to maximize outreach to non-traditional aged students.

" I enjoy meeting new people and always finding new and exciting ways to help make a student’s dream come true".

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Rosa Salazar
Recruitment Specialist

Phone: 815.280.2562
Language: Spanish
Primary High Schools: Joliet Central, Joliet West, Lockport, Lincoln Way Central, Lincoln Way East, Lincoln Way West, Plainfield South, Plainfield North, Seneca

Rosa’s ability to speak Spanish fluently gives her the unique ability to communicate with prospective students and families who understand very little, if any English. She also works closely with other Joliet Junior College offices to assist in keeping track of all recruitment activities for JJC.

"I love the ability to help prospective students enroll at JJC.  Knowing that I am able to help others, gives me a great sense of accomplishment."

Admissions Staff

The Admissions staff are conveniently located at Main Campus in Joliet, IL.

  • Jake Barber

    Jake Barber
    General Admissions Advisor

    Phone: 815.280.2459

  • Sandra Barrera | Radiologic & Veterinary Technology

    Barrera Sandra sq 2018.jpg

    Sandra Barrera
    Admissions Specialist, Student Application Processing for Radiologic & Veterinary Medical Technology programs

    Phone: 815.280.2247

  • Kathleen Cartwright | Nursing

    Cartwright Kathleen sq 2018.jpg

    Kathleen Cartwright
    Admissions Specialist, Student Application Processing for Nursing, Sonography and Early Entry programs

    Phone: 815.280.2429

  • Cheryl Kline

    KlineCheryl sq 2018.jpg

    Cheryl Kline
    Switchboard Operator

    Phone: 815.729.9020

  • Lisa Landwehr

    photo of Lisa Landwehr

    Lisa Landwehr
    Scanner Operator, Record Retention

    Phone: 815.280.6728

  • Merry Majchrowski

    Majchrowski Merry

    Merry Majchrowski
    Admissions Receptionist

    Phone: 815.280.2493

  • Debbie Matuszewski

    Matuszewski Debbie

    Debbie Matuszewski
    Switchboard Operator 

    Phone: 815.729.9020

  • Virginia Paramo

    ParamoVirgia sq 2018.jpg

    Virginia Paramo
    Admissions Receptionist

    Phone: 815.280.2493

  • Sandra Vasiliades

    VasiliadesSandy sq 2018.jpg

    Sandra Vasiliades
    Admissions Specialist, General Student Application Processing & Residency

    Phone: 815.280.2231