Congratulations Graduates!


Virtual Commencement Ceremony Celebrating Spring 2020* Graduates

We are excited to present our Spring 2020 virtual commencement ceremony below. We wish all of our graduates the best in their future endeavors. 

*Those who graduated in Summer 2019 and Fall 2019 may also be included. 

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2020 Graduation Program

Summer and Fall 2020 Graduation Information

  • Summer 2020 Graduates: The deadline to apply for graduation has passed. All students are required to submit a graduation application to receive their degree/certificate. If you missed the deadline, submit an application for Fall 2020.
  • Fall 2020 Graduates: Apply for Graduation now.

Learn More About Graduation

Please note: The information below applies to graduates during a typical academic year. 

  • Graduate Information

    Note: The information below applies to graduates during a typical academic year. 

    Congratulations Graduates!
    • Graduates do not need tickets to participate in the ceremony.
    • You will NOT receive your diploma or certificate at the Commencement Ceremony. If you have met all academic requirements and have no financial obligations to the college, you will be mailed your diploma or certificate six to eight weeks following the semester you completed all requirements.
    • If you have a disability or require any special accommodations, please contact us at by July 31, 2020.
    • Graduates are asked to leave purses at home or with one of their guests – no provision is made for the security of purses. Additionally, you will not be allowed to carry a purse during the procession.
    • Graduates will be walking on AstroTurf and are asked to wear appropriate footwear.
    • Graduates are NOT allowed to carry flowers during the processional and ceremony.

    Graduate Ceremony Instructions
    Please read the following instructions, as there will be NO ceremony rehearsal:

    • Graduates must arrive no later than 4:45PM.
    • Graduates must enter the Event Center through the North Doors.
    • Graduates must check in at the JJC graduation table to pick up your name card. You will be carrying this card throughout the processional and presenting it to the readers as you approach the stage for your diploma cover. Without this name card, your name will NOT be announced.
    • The name card is color coded. You will find your designated area by locating the sign that matches the color of your name card. It is imperative that you remain in your assigned space until the processional begins.
    • During the processional, your tassel is to hang over the right side of your cap. The cap is to be worn with the short peak in the middle of your forehead and the top board parallel to the ground. Graduates are allowed to wear either a black tassel or a gold Honors tassel (not both). Purple and white tassels are memorabilia and not to be worn during the Commencement Ceremony.
    • Once in the Event Center and in your row, remain standing until all the graduates have entered. Do not sit down until instructed to do so by the President of the college.
    • Ushers will direct you when to stand with your row to receive your diploma cover and walk across the stage. Once you have exited the stage, you will have your picture taken and receive your gift from the JJC Alumni Association.
    • Remain seated until the conclusion of the ceremony at which time the President will instruct you to stand. The President will ask you to move your tassel to the left side of your cap and then to be seated.
    • For the recessional, the stage party, administration, faculty, and professional staff will leave the Event Center first. Graduates will follow the Registrar through the Event Center Concourse and out the east doors where they will be dismissed to join their families and guests.
    • Graduates are to remain seated during the entire Commencement Ceremony. The ceremony will last approximately two hours.

    Please note: No reception will follow the ceremony.

    Cap & Gown Ordering

    • Caps and gowns must be black.
    • If you have your own cap and gown from a previous JJC ceremony you must contact the graduation office at by May 30, 2020 to be added to our list of participants.
    • Graduates are allowed to wear either a black tassel or a gold Honors tassel (not both).
    • Purple and white tassels are memorabilia and are not to be worn during the Commencement Ceremony.
    • Caps, gowns, and tassels can be purchased through the Jostens website.
    • The deadline to order caps and gowns for the 2020 Commencement Ceremony is May 30, 2020.
    • Caps and gowns will be ordered and shipped to the graduate’s address. Regalia will NOT be able to be picked up at JJC on or before the Commencement Ceremony date.
    • Administration, Faculty, and Staff please see the Administrator, Faculty, and Staff Participants information below for cap and gown information.

    Reserve Tickets

    Each graduate will receive up to 5 tickets to the 2020 Commencement Ceremony. Please reserve only the amount of tickets you need.

    Tickets will become available at a later date.

    When students reserve their tickets they will be given the option to be put on a waitlist for extra tickets IF they become available.

  • Guest Information

    Note: The information below applies to graduates during a typical academic year. Spring 2020 graduates: please see the update at the top of this page.

    • One ticket per individual is required to enter the Event Center.
    • Children under 2 years do not require a ticket. However, they cannot occupy a seat and must be held by a parent or guardian during the ceremony. No strollers are allowed in the Event Center.
    • The Event Center doors open at 4:00PM. At this time, guests will be allowed to seat themselves.
    • Guests are to arrive before 5:45PM. Guests arriving after 5:45PM will not be allowed to enter the Event Center until after the graduates have been seated.
    • Guests who need an accessible entrance are asked to use the southeast doors of the Event Center. There will be a designated area for accessible seating.
    • Sign language interpreters will be translating throughout the ceremony.
    • If weather permits, a photo booth will be available for graduates and their guests PRIOR to the ceremony.
    • Please note the following items are prohibited from the Event Center: balloons, food, beverages, and gum.
    • Guests are NOT permitted to approach the stage to take photos.
    • Please remain seated throughout the entire ceremony. The ceremony will last approximately 2 hours. Please keep this in mind when making dinner reservations.
    • Friends and Family of the graduates will be able to view a live stream of the Commencement Ceremony on JJC’s YouTube channel through a direct link on the JJC homepage which will be available the day of the ceremony.
    • There will be flowers and gifts available for purchase at the Commencement Ceremony.
    • Grad Images will be taking professional photos of the graduates which will be available for purchase online.


  • Administrator, Faculty, and Staff Participants

    Note: The information below applies to graduates during a typical academic year. Spring 2020 graduates: please see the update at the top of this page.

    The college has decided to tentatively re-schedule the graduation ceremony for a to-be-determined date in August.   Once a date for the ceremony is finalized, we will then determine a deadline for ordering caps and gowns. Rest assured though, there is still plenty of time. This date for ordering caps and gowns will likely be on or around May 30th. Please continue to check your JJC email, and the MYJJC portal for updates.

    • If you plan to participate in the ceremony, please arrive by 4:00PM.
    • Further instructions will be emailed the week of the Commencement Ceremony.
    • Administrators, Faculty, and Professional Staff participating in the Commencement Ceremony will need to order their cap, gown, and hood online. The deadline to order is Friday, May 30, 2020. There is no charge for ordering regalia.
    • If you already have a cap, gown, and hood and plan to participate in the ceremony, you must contact the Graduation Office at by Friday, May 30, 2020 to be included in the processional line-up.
    • Caps and gowns will be delivered to your department secretary on a later date.
    • Stage party participants: your cap and gown regalia will be kept for pressing and will be available the evening of the ceremony in your designated area in the Event Center.

    How to Order:

    1. Go to Josten’s website.
    2. Click on Graduation Caps & Gowns.
    3. Select Faculty Rental.
    4. Select the appropriate degree package 
      For each degree type you will have the following choices: (a) cap, gown, tassel and hood, (b) cap, gown and tassel, (c) hood only, (d) gown only, (e) cap only, (f) tassel only.  Be sure to select the package that best fits your needs. 
    5. Click on Customize.  Fill out any required information based on the degree package you select, such as school information from which your degree was granted, height, major/curriculum, etc.
    6. Review your information and click on Add to Cart.  
    7. Enter your first and last name for Recipient Name and click Checkout.  Your order is NOT complete at this point. 
    8. Select Continue as a Guest or sign in if you are a returning customer and already have an account to complete your order.  Please fill out your contact information in case there are questions about your order and select Continue.  (Remember, there is no charge to you for ordering cap & gown regalia.)
    9. Review your order summary and click SUBMIT ORDER to finalize your order with Jostens and receive your confirmation order number. 
    10. Print a copy of your receipt for your records.  You will also receive a confirmation email immediately indicating your order has been submitted successfully.  If you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact Jostens Customer Service at 1-800-854-7464.

  • Commencement Ceremony Photos

    Note: The information below applies to graduates during a typical academic year. Spring 2020 graduates: please see the update at the top of this page.


    Students who attend the Commencement Ceremony can order their pictures online through Grad Images.

    To find your photos:

    1. Enter your Last Name
    2. Enter Joliet Junior College
    3. Enter the year of the ceremony attended
    4. Then select Find my photos