Instructor Information

If you would like a hard copy of the Dual Credit Instructor Handbook, please contact the Office of Dual Credit.

  • Dual Credit Instructor Requirements

    If you are interested in becoming a dual credit instructor, please contact one of our dual credit contacts:

    Amy Kittle
    Manager, Dual Credit and P-20 Partnerships
    (815) 280-7708

    Jennifer Majchrzak
    Dual Credit Outreach Specialist
    (815) 280-6926

    Amanda Englehart
    Dual Credit Outreach Specialist
    (815) 280-6921

    You will need to fax the following credentials:

    A high school instructor is approved to teach dual credit courses by the appropriate JJC department chair.

    • Dual credit instructors must meet the same requirements as that of JJC adjunct faculty. In most cases this requires a Master's degree in the subject area.
    • For CTE courses, a Master's degree is not always necessary as an instructor may qualify with appropriate work experience and/or training.
    • If any information changes while you are a dual credit instructor, please complete and fax an updated Dual-Credit Instructor Information Form to us.



    Office of Dual Credit
    (815) 280-6930

  • Dual Credit Instructor Benefits

    • JJC Email address.
    • JJC dual credit instructors are eligible for one tuition-waivered credit course per term and must complete an Academic Tuition Waiver.
    • JJC dual credit instructors are eligible to participate in professional staff development activities sponsored by JJC.
    • You can obtain a JJC staff ID card at the Main Campus Photo I.D. Services or the Romeoville Campus Resource Center. Benefits include:
      • It is your JJC library card.
      • It allows access to several on-campus computer labs.
      • It is an acceptable form of I.D. in the Academic Skills Center, iCampus Testing Center, cafeteria, and the JJC Bookstore.
      • It can be used to receive discounts at several stores, restaurants, entertainment establishments, and more!
      • When you get your JJC staff ID card, be sure to ask for the booklet listing all of benefits.

  • Final Grades

    Instructors must enter their final grades online (.pdf) .

    To use online grading, the instructor must have a JJC username and password and an eResources account. Logging into eResources using this username and password serves as your electronic signature. It is very important that you keep this login information secure.

    *It is our intention to eliminate the posting of a grade of "D" or "F" to a dual-credit student's transcript.

    ​We are asking instructors to drop any student  (when it is evident before the last day to drop)​ that will receive a grade of "D" or "F", USING THE BELOW INSTRUCTOR INITIATED WITHDRAWAL FORM. 

    You must submit this form at least one day before the last day to drop listed on your class roster. If this process is followed, the student will receive a grade of (W)ithdrawal, but not a "D" or "F".​

    Email the completed form to or


    Instructor Initiated Withdrawal Form​


    Procedures for Grading Online:

    1. Login to eResources using your JJC username and password
    2. Under the Faculty Menu select Final Grading Workflow
    3. Enter your username and password for each section graded for security purposes and to verify your electronic signature
    4. Select the grading term and Term courses are displayed
      • You cannot enter grades for a term unless it appears on this list
    5. Valid Grading Period: An instructor can only grade sections that end within the valid grading period (your valid grading period starts at 12:01 a.m. on the first day of your final exam and remains open for 7 calendar days)
    6. Enter grades on the displayed grading page showing active students
      • Failing grades require that a last date of attendance (LDOA) be entered
      • Grades are not case sensitive
    7. Grades will be verified after submission and any errors will be displayed
      • All errors must be resolved before the process will let you continue.
      • All students must receive a grade.
    8. Grade Confirmation: Once all errors have been resolved, the instructor must read the certification paragraph and agree with it.
      • Agreeing to the certification paragraph indicates that you are supplying your electronic signature and that the grades are valid.
      • This is the point of no return; after grade confirmation you can not make any changes.
    9. Once grades have been posted a completed grade roster is displayed. The instructor must print out and retain a copy for their records.

    If an instructor has any problems meeting grading timelines, they must contact: 

    Amy Kittle 
    (815) 280-7708


    Grade changes must now be processed online through the myJJC portal.

  • Verifying Your Roster

    Students will be registered upon receipt of the registration forms and the instructor will receive a preliminary course roster

    Once corrections or additions have been completed, each instructor will receive a final course roster listing all students enrolled.

    The instructor should verify the preliminary and final rosters to ensure all students who wish to receive dual credit for the course have been registered.

    • If a student who wishes to received dual credit for the course is not listed on the preliminary roster, or
    • If a student is listed on the preliminary roster in error and needs to be dropped from the course, or
    • If any information on the final roster is not accurate, the instructor should call us.

     You can also view your course roster at any time via eResources.

  • Instructor Drop

    By registering in a dual credit course, the student has created a JJC academic record.

    Below is the procedure for instructors to properly drop a student by the midterm date only from the JJC dual credit component of the course:

    • Instructor needs to initiate the process before the midterm date which is indicated on both the preliminary and final rosters. Each course has its own midterm date.
    • Obtain the student's JJC student JJC ID number and the course number and section located on the registration form. The student will receive a "W" on their JJC transcript.
    • Complete and fax an Instructor Initiated Withdrawal Form (.pdf) on or before the midterm date, to us at (815) 280-6927.
    • If the midterm date falls on a holiday, weekend, or school break, the drop form must be submitted by noon on the last business day before the holiday, weekend, or school break.

    If the student is not dropped by the midterm date, the student may receive a failing grade on their JJC transcript.

    After the midterm date, all drops must be requested by the student by the close of business by the "final day to drop." After the midterm date, only the student can request to be dropped from the course by the "final day to drop."

  • Midterm Enrollment Verification

    Midterm enrollment verification is done electronically for all dual credit courses and should be completed as soon as reports are posted. Verification is for attendance (no midterm grades are assigned) and is required by the Illinois Community College Board as a part of the audit process.

    Midterm verification reports will be available on eResources one day after your midterm date (available on preliminary and final rosters) and you will receive an Email reminder.

    To access the Midterm Enrollment Verification form:

    1. Go to eResources
    2. Select the Log In tab
    3. Login with your JJC username and password
    4. Select Faculty
    5. Under Faculty Information select MIDTERM Reporting
    6. You can view instructions or enter your username and password for the reports
    • You must indicate Pursuing or Not Pursuing* for each student (i.e. student is or is not attending the course).
    • Checking Not Pursuing* does not drop a student from the course.
    • If a student is Not Pursuing* (not attending) you will need to enter the last date of attendance for the student.
    • If a student is no longer seeking dual credit for the course, the student needs to drop the course.

    *It is our intention to eliminate marking any student at Not Pursing as they will receive a grade of (W)ithdrawal, which could negatively impact financial aid in the future.

    We are asking instructors to drop any non-pursing student, or any student (when it is evident by the mid-term date), that will receive a grade of "D" or "F", USING THE BELOW INSTRUCTOR INITIATED WITHDRAWAL FORM. ​

    You must submit this form at least one day before the mid-term date listed on your class roster. If this process is followed, the withdrawn course will never appear on a student transcript.

    Email the completed form to 

    Instructor Initiated Withdrawal Form​