Student Testimonials

David Lozano

“JJC is doing great things out there. Not only for the students but the community.” 

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Savanna Rusch | Nursing

“I’m going to be helping and saving so many lives once I graduate and be on the front lines with the rest of the nurses.” 

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Additional Testimonials

  • Abida Ali | Interior Design

    Abida Ali | Interior Design

    “My experience at JJC has been outstanding. I have truly enjoyed learning from these talented teachers at JJC such as Oksana Alfredson, Patricia Mackey, Gladys Hughes and Maha Abufarha. I feel proud for what I have learned overall.”

    January 2020 spotlight

  • Maeve Bauer | Science

    Maeve Bauer | Science

    “I have dyslexia. It can be really difficult if I’m trying to take a test – especially with the anxiety that comes with it. JJC’s Disability Services Office helped me learn how to advocate for myself. Even if you don’t know what you need, they will help you figure it out. I’m an auditory learner, so it’s nice to sit with headphones in the Testing Center and have the test read to me at my own pace. JJC is affordable and coming here is a very personalized experience. As long as you’re asking questions, there will be someone who has answers.”

    January 2020 spotlight

  • Shalma Marin

    Shalma Marin 

    “I couldn’t have done it without the amazing people who motivated me along the way. Not just my family and close friends, but also all the teachers who took the time to listen to me and give me a boost of confidence.”

    JJC Students Share How Empathetic Acts Shaped Their Lives.

    February 2020 spotlight

  • Aaron Wyncott 

    Aaron Wyncott 

    “Thank you, faculty and staff at Joliet Junior College, for the ways that you impact your students, whether seen or unseen. I am a personal and forever grateful witness to the power of your choice to care.”

    JJC Students Share How Empathetic Acts Shaped Their Lives.

    February 2020 spotlight

  • Trista Countryman | General Studies

    Trista Countryman

    Trista Countryman

    “Overall my experience at JJC was truly wonderful. I worked on campus for the Blazer as well as the Early Childhood Center. I enjoyed being a part of the school community and had some wonderful professors.”

    March 2020 spotlight

  • Michelle Sharp | Rad Tech

    Michelle Sharp

    “With the excellent training and hands-on education I received from the JJC radiologic technology program, I have been able to excel at a career I love for the past 10 years.”

    March 2020 spotlight

  • Jessica Queeney

    Jessica Queeney

    “Thanks to the opportunities I have had at JJC, I have grown so much as a student and as a person. The school has provided me with so much opportunity for growth and leadership in my student life and in my personal life and that is something I will carry with me forever.” 

    April 2020 spotlight

  • Robert Yore | Nursing

    Robert Yore

    “The best part of the program is hands down the instructors. They are an ocean of knowledge, and from the first class you can feel their passion for nursing. If you ever have a question or problem they always take the time to help you work through it.” 

    JJC Nursing Program Selects Citizenship Award Winners

    April 2020 spotlight