Student Testimonials

Sofia Cortes                                                       Sofia Cortes     

“At first, I was very worried when my instructor said that we could no longer meet in class and would be working completely from home. Today, I am completely comfortable as an online student.”




Francisco Lopez                                                     Francisco Lopez     

“Our professor worked so hard to make sure we had everything we needed to finish the spring semester online and prepared us for summer classes online. Her hard work was just the push and motivation I needed to keep going.”




Previous 2020 Testimonials

  • Shalma Marin

    Shalma Marin 

    “I couldn’t have done it without the amazing people who motivated me along the way. Not just my family and close friends, but also all the teachers who took the time to listen to me and give me a boost of confidence.”

    JJC Students Share How Empathetic Acts Shaped Their Lives.

    February 2020 spotlight

  • Aaron Wyncott 

    Aaron Wyncott 

    “Thank you, faculty and staff at Joliet Junior College, for the ways that you impact your students, whether seen or unseen. I am a personal and forever grateful witness to the power of your choice to care.”

    JJC Students Share How Empathetic Acts Shaped Their Lives.

    February 2020 spotlight

  • Trista Countryman | General Studies

    Trista Countryman

    Trista Countryman

    “Overall my experience at JJC was truly wonderful. I worked on campus for the Blazer as well as the Early Childhood Center. I enjoyed being a part of the school community and had some wonderful professors.”

    March 2020 spotlight

  • Michelle Sharp | Rad Tech

    Michelle Sharp

    “With the excellent training and hands-on education I received from the JJC radiologic technology program, I have been able to excel at a career I love for the past 10 years.”

    March 2020 spotlight

  • Jessica Queeney

    Jessica Queeney

    “Thanks to the opportunities I have had at JJC, I have grown so much as a student and as a person. The school has provided me with so much opportunity for growth and leadership in my student life and in my personal life and that is something I will carry with me forever.” 

    April 2020 spotlight

  • Robert Yore | Nursing

    Robert Yore

    “The best part of the program is hands down the instructors. They are an ocean of knowledge, and from the first class you can feel their passion for nursing. If you ever have a question or problem they always take the time to help you work through it.” 

    JJC Nursing Program Selects Citizenship Award Winners

    April 2020 spotlight

  • David Lozano

    David Lozano

    “JJC is doing great things out there. Not only for the students but the community.” 

    Watch David's video

    May 2020 spotlight

  • Savanna Rusch | Nursing

    Savanna Rusch | Nursing

    “I’m going to be helping and saving so many lives once I graduate and be on the front lines with the rest of the nurses.” 

    Watch Savanna's video

    May 2020 spotlight

  • Adam Roy | Culinary Arts

    Adam Roy | Culinary Arts

    “I come from humble beginnings. JJC offered a way for me to succeed in the U.S. and overseas. I too was a scholarship recipient and needed those funds to assist my goal of earning an associate degree.”

    More on Adam: Culinary Alumnus Right at Home in Kitchens Overseas

    June 2020 spotlight

  • Elena Sukeviciute-Maksimavicius | Geographic Information Systems

    Elena Sukeviciute-Maksimavicius | Geographic Information Systems

    “I was excited to find geographic information systems classes at Joliet Junior College where I could continue to improve my skills and knowledge previously gained at Vilnius University in Lithuania. The professors at JJC were great. They brought real world experience, and real-life situations to textbook lessons.”

    More about Elena: GIS Program Offers Students a Degree in Rapidly Growing Industry

    June 2020 spotlight

  • Julian Archuleta | Business

    Julian Archuleta | Business

    “Because JJC so affordable and delivers such a high quality of education it is the perfect place to go whether you already know your major or you are still undecided.”

    July 2020 spotlight

  • Hannah Anderson | Orthotics and Prosthetics

    Hannah Anderson | Orthotics and Prosthetics                                          

    “I had a wonderful time learning the tasks that helped me get a job right after school. I really appreciated my teachers and classmates.”

    July 2020 spotlight

  • Diana Peretti | Nursing     

    Diana Peretti | Nursing                                                      Dianna Peretti

    “JJC’s nursing program is filled with instructors that work hard to ensure that the nurses of tomorrow do not lack competency or empathy. I will soon be working my dream job as a labor and delivery nurse thanks to them.”

    August 2020 spotlight

  • Madisyn Serr | Marketing Summer Student 

    Madisyn Serr | Marketing Summer Student                                                              Madisyn Serr  

    “The best decision I ever made was taking dual credit classes and summer classes at JJC. I learned many valuable things that I was able to carry over with me to the University of Iowa. The professors at JJC are also very willing to work with you - in fact, I have had better relationships with my JJC professors than at Iowa. Even though I have taken summer classes every year, I have always had plenty of time to work and do things on the weekends with my family and friends. I would definitely encourage other four-year university students to take classes at JJC during the summer.”

    August 2020 spotlight

  • Taylor Cook | Psychology   

    Taylor Cook | Psychology                      Taylor Cook                              

    “There’s a lot of uncertainties but the one guarantee is that JJC is going to be there with you every step of the way, making sure that you get everything that you need.”

    September 2020 spotlight

  • Ryan Queeney

    Ryan Queeney                                           Ryan Queeney                  

    “Not everybody has $40K to go to a four-year school. A lot of people have to work. The professors at JJC are all very accommodating and understanding of your schedule. I also don’t take on a full course load each semester. Going at a slower pace allows me to work, be an involved student, take advantage of leadership opportunities and save money. I appreciate all the things JJC has offered me – it makes being a student easier!”   

    September 2020 spotlight