Mike Brncick
OPT Program Coordinator/Advisor
Phone: (815) 280-2219
Office: T-1061
Email: mbrncick@jjc.edu

Melanie Brozman
Technical Department Secretary
Phone: (815) 280-2612
Fax: (815) 280-6862
Main Campus: T-1070
Email: mbrozman@jjc.edu

Orthotics and Prosthetics Technology

Athletes with prosthetic legs lining up for a race

Orthotics and prosthetics is a specialized "hands-on" allied health profession which combines a unique blend of clinical and technical skills. Students in the program will be given the foundation and skill sets to enter a career that stimulates the mind, allows for creativity and innovation and ultimately makes a difference in a patient’s life. Certified students may also enter the O&P workforce as a technician that provides the technical tasks of fabricating, fitting, repairing and maintaining the devices.

O&P professionals have many career possibilities within the field available such as a practitioner, assistant, fitter or technician. They work in a variety of settings such as private practice, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, specialty clinics and home health settings. Some may choose to focus on pediatrics, sports or other specialty areas. All areas require some degree of advanced education combined with hands on clinical training and experience.

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