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The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) is suspending the announcement of 2015-2016 Monetary Award Program (MAP) grants for applicants (except dislocated workers*) whose initial 2015-2016 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is received by the Central Processing System (CPS) on or after Sunday, February 22, 2015. 

Beginning when FAFSA filing commences in January, ISAC staff monitors and analyzes MAP application volume and projected claim rates. This year's initial suspense date is the earliest in the program's history, due in part to earlier FAFSA filing by prospetive students, as well as a funding reserve set aside for a new program for dislocated workers* (see below).

Notably, the Governor has requested flat funding for MAP in his introduced budget. The General Assembly will begin holding appropriations hearings next week, and it is unknown at this time how similar the final fiscal year 2016 (FY16) budget will be to the Governor's proposal. ISAC staff will continue to monitor the FY16 budget situation, along with MAP application volume and claim rates. If future analysis indicates that a partial release of awards from suspense status is viable, we will communicate that information to the financial aid comunity as it becomes available.

*Dislocated Workers 

Independent student applicants who are dislocated workers are not impacted by this initial suspension of 2015-2016 MAP award announcements. Dislocated worker applicants will continue to have awards announced until such time that a dislocated worker suspense date is determined.

Note: Students should still complete the 2015-2016 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to be considered for Federal Pell Grants and student loan eligibility. 


2015 FAFSA and Scholarship Workshops

Learn about the 2015-2016 Free Application for Federal  Student Aid (FAFSA), and get professional assistance with the online application process.




Please check your JJC student email account/eResources for a list of required documents to complete your 2014-2015 financial aid file. You must submit requested documents to the Financial Aid/Veterans Office by the priority deadline, November 21, 2014 to ensure processing before the Spring 2015 payment due date.

PLEASE NOTE: Students who are unable to meet the November 21, 2014 deadline are encouraged to complete their financial aid file, but are responsible for payment of their classes by the payment due date.

If you have not completed your 2014-2015 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), please do so by visiting




Students who are eligible for financial aid and enroll at JJC receive an award notification which lists each type of financial aid they may receive. The award amount shown in the award notification is based on full-time enrollment (12 or more enrolled credit hours ) at the time the award is processed. If the award is processed for fall term, the award notification will also include a projected award amount for potential spring enrollment.

However, the actual amount of aid the student receives will be based on their actual enrollment as of the financial aid census date. Financial Aid will be adjusted based on student's actual enrollment status, up through the 60% point (census date) of each term. As a result this may cause a balance (from tuition, fees, books, and/or meal plan) that the student will owe JJC. Balances not paid may result in course(s) being deleted through the scheduled drop for non-payments process (for drop date information go to After this point, financial aid will not be adjusted unless it falls into one of the following categories:

  1. The student is enrolled in a late starting class that begins after the 60% point (census date) and drops the class before it starts. Students are not entitled to receive financial aid for classes they have not attended and their financial aid will be adjusted accordingly.
  2. The student is dropped from a class by their instructor for non-attendance. Students are not entitled to receive aid for classes they have not attended and their financial aid will be adjusted accordingly.
  3. If the Instructor drops a student in error and agrees to reinstate the student in the same class, financial aid will be adjusted accordingly. Please note: if a student enrolls in a different class from the one they were dropped in error, their financial aid will not be adjusted after the 60% point.
  4. The student is identified as "never attending" the course(s). Students are not entitled to receive aid for classes they have not attended and their financial aid will be adjusted accordingly.
  5. If the Instructor identified a student in error and confirms that the student has attended/participated in the same class, financial aid wil be adjusted accordingly.


  1. Students may have their loans cancelled or adjusted if they are enrolled in less than six credit hours.
  2. If the student began attendance in six or more credit hours, and they received a portion or the entire loan, they are entitled to keep the amount already disbursed. However, no further disbursements will occur if they remain enrolled in less than six credit hours for that term and any remaining portions of the student loan(s) will be cancelled.
  3. If the student did not begin attendance in six or more credits when they received a portion or the entire loan, the loan(s) will be removed entirely for that term and no further disbursements will occur.


Helpful Links:

Paying for College -

The College Scorecard -



Important Information Regarding Communication for  from the Financial Aid/Veterans Office

All correspondence will be conducted utilizing eResources and JJC student email account. It is important that you check eResources and your JJC student email account frequently so you do not miss any pertinent information.

Information that will be sent electronically includes: Missing Information Notifications, Award Notifications, and Standard of Academic Progress Notifications.

  • If you do not have a JJC student email account, please complete an online Admission application.
  • If you have been assigned an email account, but do not know your username and password, check your JJC email.

Additionally, you may check your current missing information status on eResources, and then choose  "My Documents".


Haven't completed the FAFSA yet?

Review the Financial Aid Checklist.

Already submitted the FAFSA?

Once the results of your FAFSA have been received by our office, you will be able to log in to eResources to access information regarding your financial aid file.

Verification policy and procedures

Any student may be selected for verification by the federal government or the Financial Aid Office. At Joliet Junior College all students selected for verification are required to submit documentation in order for this process to be completed. The verification process allows JJC Financial Aid/Veterans Office to review the information reported on the FAFSA, checking for accuracy against documents provided by you.

If you have not received the results of your FAFSA application, check the FAFSA Web site or call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at (800) 433-3243.

Student Self Service

The Student Self Service site will enable students who have been authenticated through JJC eResources to have direct access to perform a range of activities, including:

  • Viewing electronic deferments or notification forms sent to student lenders.
  • Printing proof of enrollment verification certificates.
  • Viewing real time loan information.
  • Viewing enrollment information held by the Clearinghouse provided by JJC.