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  • Spring Break week (Monday-Friday) 7:30am - 4:30pm

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Nursing Admissions Criteria

Admission Procedure for the Nursing Program

  1. All students must meet the following prerequisites prior to application to the nursing program:
    • a. High School diploma or GED.
    • b. Application to the college.
    • c. COMPASS placement test or valid ACT scores. See for more information. Complete required developmental courses in Reading (ENG 020 and/or ENG 021), Writing (ENG 098 and/or ENG 099 and Math (MATH 090) with a grade of "C" or better or previous college credit in English and/or Math.
    • d. TEAS-V completed at JJC with a minimum composite score of 50 (see item 4).
    • e. Minimum GPA of 2.0.
    • f.  Must meet residency requirements as defined by Joliet Junior College.
    • g. Schedule a nursing advisor appointment (815-280-2435) once you have submitted your high school transcript and completed the COMPASS and TEAS tests. All college transcripts must be submitted and evaluated prior to the nursing advisor appointment. DEPENDING ON YOUR TEAS SCORE, YOU MAY BE GRANTED GUARANTEED OR PROVISIONAL ADMITTANCE INTO THE NURSING PROGRAM. YOUR NURSING ADVISOR IS THE ONE WHO WILL CHANGE YOUR MAJOR TO NURSING. IN ORDER TO BE ELGIBLE FOR FINANCIAL AID YOU MUST HAVE A NURSING MAJOR CODE.
  2. Applications for the Nursing Program will be accepted by the Admissions Office twice a year for the fall and the spring semesters. Applications are to be submitted online.  The application period for the fall class will be February 1 through February 15. The application period for the spring class will be June 1 through June 15. If a student is not admitted into the program after applying, another application must be submitted for the following application period. No applications will be kept on file after the start of the semester.
  3. If a student has attended another college(s), transcripts must be submitted for evaluation no later than December 1st for the February application period and April 1st for the June application period. The student must complete the online Transcript Evaluation Form and submit it to the Academic Credentials Office. ​
  4. The Test of Essential Academic Skills, Version 5 (TEAS-V) must be completed in the Academic Skills Center by the last day of the application period (June 15 or February 15) in order to be considered.  The TEAS-V evaluates math skills, reading comprehension, and English and science proficiency.  The fee for this exam is approximately $75. The TEAS test is mandatory.  It may be taken once per semester (spring, summer, fall) for consideration in the competitive entry process. If a student chooses to take the exam more than one time per semester, the score of the first exam taken each semester will be used for point consideration. Scores from other schools will not be used for consideration. Please note that this test must be scheduled and paid online and is available by appointment only at both the Main and Romeoville Campuses!
  5. Students who score an 80 or above on the TEAS Composite will be guaranteed admittance into the nursing program, contingent on the results of your background check and drug screening, when a nursing application is completed. The major code will be changed by the nursing advisor after the initial meeting. In the event there are more students in the Guaranteed Admission Category than available seats, a ranking system will be used.  See item 7 below.
  6. Students who score between a 70 and 79 on the TEAS Composite will be provisionally admitted into the nursing program, contingent on the results of your background check and drug screening. The major code will be changed by the nursing advisor after the initial meeting. See item 7 below.
  7. For students who score below an 80 on the TEAS Composite, a ranking system will be used to determine admission and will be contingent on the results of your background check and drug screening. Each eligible application will be given a number for anonymity by the Admissions Office and all demographic data will be removed.  Applications will then be sent to the Nursing Admissions Committee.  Applicants will be scored and ranked based on:
    • a.  TEAS Composite Score (weighted 40%)
    • b.  TEAS Science Score (weighted 10%)
    • c.  Calculated GPA based on grades for ENG 101; PSYC 101; PSYC 215; HEAL109, BIO 250; BIO 251 whether taken at JJC or transferred in.  If a class was taken more than once, the most recent grade will be used. If a student has “clepped” out of a class (using the College Level Examination Program – CLEP- test), the grade will be counted as a “C” (weighted 20%)
    • d.  Admission Essay (20%)
    • e.  Percentage of pre-requisite/general education classes completed (ENG 101; PSYC 101; PSYC 215; HEAL 109; BIO 250; BIO 251) (weighted 10%)
  8. Admitting criteria is subject to change. It is the applicant's responsibility to review the criteria on a regular basis.
  9. Students will be notified via the JJC EMAIL ACCOUNT of their acceptance or denial into the program.
  10. Upon admission into the nursing program all students are required to have on file in the Department of Nursing and Allied Health:
    • a.  A current physical examination which includes specified immunizations and laboratory work.
    • b.  Verification of successful completion of the American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers (CPR).
    • c.  Current criminal background check and drug screen.