Sustainable Campus

Curious about the history of sustainable practices at JJC? See the Then and Now page. Not sure where to get started with recycling? See Recycling at JJC. The City of Joliet now has a rain barrel program. See Campus and Community Involvement for more info.

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It's time to go green at Joliet Junior College! In an effort to continue to support sustainability and environmental consciousness, the college has started the JJC Sustainability Initiatives Committee.


Joliet Junior College Sustainability Initiative encourages employees and students to become more responsible to our environment by living and educating in a manner that conserves resources so that vital resources necessary for life are available for generations to come; reduce pollution and preserve natural resources; be a leader in sustainability in our community by promoting awareness and education; and initiate and monitor standards of sustainability at JJC.

If you or someone you know in the community is doing something green and sustainable, let us know by filling out the Tell Us Your Story form.

Get Green!

If you would like to join the college's sustainability efforts, contact Peter Linden at (815) 280-2239 or

Please email suggestions for improving sustainability to  See the Tips and Tricks Page for information on what you can do to help.