Student Testimonials

Ana Castillo sq.jpg
Ana Campa Castillo

"As a returning adult student with two kids, I was a little scared to begin my college journey but I knew JJC was an accessible institution which didn’t pressure you to finish a degree in a certain amount of time. I’ve learned that college doesn’t have to be about going from school to home, there is so much more you can do here.

Being Vice President of the student club, Latinos Unidos, has helped me develop as a leader and I feel like I’ve made an impact on other students."

In January 2018, Campa Castillo was the guest of Illinois Congressman Bill Foster at the State of the Union Address. She was later awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and is a recipient of the Dream U.S. Scholarship.

Brandon Williams sq.jpg
Brandon Williams

"The military helped me become a great soldier, but JJC made me an inspiration to others. It made me happy to learn again. It made me happy to have faculty and staff that care and that I can have a conversation with."

Williams is a frequent visitor to JJC’s Veterans Resource Center. He was the student speaker at JJC’s spring commencement ceremony.


Additional Testimonials

  • Kathleen Bailey

    Kathleen Bailey

    "I came to JJC because I wasn’t sure what I wanted my major to be. JJC gave me the opportunity to try out different electives at an affordable cost. The marketing classes were fun and interesting and after I learned more about the field, I chose to get my Associate in Arts in Business Administration. Transferring was very smooth – JJC helped me choose the classes that would directly transfer to St. Francis. In spring 2018, I’ll graduate with my Bachelor’s.”

  • Rory Bancroft

    Rory Bancroft Photocrop.jpg

    Rory Bancroft, JJC Alumni

    “The instructors at JJC not only expected me to do my best, they pushed me to be the best that I could be. I still hear my instructors guiding me when I teach my cooks how to do a new thing. The culinary department at JJC is truly one of the best.”

  • Alonte Crawford

    Alonte Crawfordsmall.jpg

    “When I came to JJC, there were so many resources available to me, including the free Tutoring and Learning Center, Project Achieve and Career Services. Going from a 2.5 GPA in high school to a 3.46 GPA my first semester at JJC really showed that my hard work paid off.

    Through Project Achieve, Deandre Butler mentored me into choosing the right classes and scholarships. He also helped me prepare for my transfer to St. Francis.

    Thanks to the support from JJC, I had the motivation and academic success that brought me to where I am today. I am proud to say that I am a JJC alum.”

  • Lynn Johson

    Lynn Johnson square.jpg

    Lynn Johnson, JJC Alumni

    “One of the best decisions I ever made was applying to the JJC Diagnostic Medical Sonography program.  The small class size is great for getting the individual attention you need to be a successful sonographer.  The program is organized so that we are extremely prepared for all the necessary boards and that we get the experience and practice necessary to prepare us for patient interactions in both an outpatient and hospital setting.”

  • Pedro Reyes

    Pedro Reyes

    “I have always been interested in Psychology, so when I heard about JJC’s new Human Services program, I knew it was right for me. Ms. Katralis helped me get my job at Cornerstone Services, which has been a great learning experience. A lot of the things we speak about in the classroom pertains to what I do at work.

    I think JJC is a great school because it’s affordable and it offers flexibility.”

  • Tiffany Votta


    “After years of applying for my dream job in construction management without getting it, I decided I needed to start at JJC. This school has an amazing, supportive group of professors and getting to know the other students is great, too. Many of us work full-time and it’s wonderful to know that we are all in this together.

    Being a female in a male-dominated field, I would advise other women to be persistent – you can only make it happen if you try.”