Self Instructional Language Program

Students studying as a group

Mastery of a foreign language can help you understand and appreciate other cultures and better travel the world. It can also prepare you for employment in many careers.

Did you know that you can learn these exciting languages at JJC?

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

These courses can be taken for 3 credit hours or can be audited for no credit. Minimum enrollment is four students.

How It Works

The SILP method is a self-study class in which the student studies, learns and practices the grammar on his/her own with the text and audio CDs, then works with the tutor in weekly small group sessions (once a week for approximately 3 hours in the Spring and Fall; twice a week for 3 hours for Summer II).

The focus is on an independent approach to develop listening and speaking skills as initial steps to achieving competence in the language. Emphasis is given to intensive drill, practice and review through listening of audio CDs and in-class conversations among students and with the tutor.

If you wish to take the class as an audit (pass/fail) you will need to make those arrangements with the Registration office when you register. Students auditing the class with a minimum attendance of 2/3 of the class time will receive a PASS as a final grade.

The tuition is for a 3-credit-hour class. The final exam will be given during final exam week.

Textbooks and accompanying CD's can be purchased at the Joliet Junior College bookstore.

For more information please contact Professor Cristobal Trillo, SILP Coordinator, or 815-280-2465, C-1055.