Literature and Film

The literature and film courses offered at JJC are all designed to highlight the important role the Humanities play in a general education curriculum.

According to the Illinois Articulation Initiative, this role is described as follows:

“Study in the humanities and fine arts develops an understanding of what it means to be human--the struggles and aspirations, comedies and tragedies, and achievements and failures of human beings; wrestles with the basic questions that confront all human beings in the course of their lives--identity, beauty, courage, love, truth, justice, and morality; and examines the dreams, traditions, and cultural expressions of peoples throughout time who have wrestled with these same questions. To understand what it means to be human, one must understand oneself in relation to the natural world and in relation to others, reflect on ideas and confront presuppositions from one's own and other cultures, and respond creatively.”

What Will I Learn?

Students enrolling in literature and film courses will develop skills in critical thinking and analysis, close and active reading, as well as learn to appreciate the diverse voices from authors around the world. Students will also develop critical writing skills as they use writing to present their interpretation and analysis of the works under study.

What is Unique About Our English and World Languages Department?

The English and World Languages department offers an incredibly broad range of courses, many of which satisfy Humanities or Fine Arts requirements for transfer and continuing education credit. In addition, several other courses can be used as transfer electives. The department offers courses survey courses in American (103 and 104) and British (105 and 106) literature; courses in modern and contemporary literature (107 and 108); children’s literature (109); film study (190); introductions to poetry, fiction, and drama (201, 202, 203); world literature (208 and 209); non-Western literature (220); Shakespeare (250); minority American literature (260); and women writers (270). The department also offers a Special Topics course (299) to study specific authors, movements, genres, or other unique interests.

What Are My Career Opportunities?

Reading, writing, and creative thinking skills are generally at or near the top of every list of the most desirable skills employers seek in new employees. Enrolling in any of the literature and film courses offered at JJC will help students develop these sought-after skills through the close reading and interpretation of the texts being studied.

In addition, the course work in analysis, research, and critical thinking will make students ideal candidates for careers in several fields, including (but certainly not limited to)

  • Professional Writing and Research
  • Business, Industry, and Commerce
  • Technology (AI development; research)
  • Marketing / Public Relations
  • Media
  • Entertainment
  • Law
  • Social Services
  • Library Science
  • Education