Retail Business Management

Retail is more than just working at a store. Retail managers oversee many aspects of a retail business, from personnel, to marketing, to customer service.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Joliet Junior College's Social and Behavioral Sciences Department has a wide array of course offerings and transfer/occupational degree programs.

Study Abroad Program

As a member of the Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs (ICISP) , Joliet Junior College offers many study abroad opportunities around the world. Participants can select from over

Swine Management

The Swine Management Program prepares students for careers involving production, management and marketing of swine.

Teacher Assistant

Teacher assistants are being employed at all levels of education, from early childhood through secondary education.

Technical Education

The Technical Department at Joliet Junior College is on the cutting edge of education. Find a program that is right for you.


The Theatre Program at JJC offers both performance and offstage education opportunity for people interested in a theatre career.

Veterinary Technology

The Veterinary Medical Technology Program is designed for the student who wishes to become a certified veterinary technician.

Visual Arts

This program will prepare students to create a portfolio allowing them to transfer to a four year university art program.

Visual Graphics

This program prepares students for successful careers as visual graphic designers.

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