Criminal Justice Studies

  • Social & Behavioral Sciences

What Will I Learn?

Joliet Junior College’s Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice is a liberal arts-based transfer degree that prepares students for careers in corrections, legal services, fraud investigation, private and government security, and other vital fields that assure the safety and security of all citizens.  Students in this program will receive a broad knowledge base in general education and criminal justice, in order to discover and develop individual competencies and interests in these and other related careers.  Development of analytical thought processes and state-of-the-art technical skills are a key part of this degree, as is help with job placement and mentoring by real-world criminal justice experts. 

Graduates of the JJC Criminal Justice program will find a job environment that is increasingly welcoming to diverse applicants, as the demand for trained personnel grows.  Or if they prefer, program graduates can choose to transfer their Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice to a 4-year institution in order to further their education and interests.

Criminal Justice Concentration - Associate of Arts

Certificate options are no longer available, but students can choose to pursue an associate of arts with a criminal justice concentration. 

  • Associate in Arts | Criminal Justice Concentration

    Course Name CR
    ENG 101 Rhetoric I 3
    PSYC 101 Intro to Psychology 3
    FA/HUM FA/Hum Course 3
    CRJ 100 Intro to Criminal Justice 3
    CRJ 105 Intro to Corrections 3


    Course Name CR
    ENG 102 Rhetoric II 3
    SOC 290 Cultural Diversity 3
    FA/HUM  FA/Hum Course 3
    BIO 125 Human Biology 4
    MTH 128 Statistics 4


    Course Name CR
    COMM 101 Speech 3
    LENF 103 Criminal Law 3


    Course Name CR
    PHIL 103 Ethics 3
    PSCI 101 or 102 Political Science 3
    CRJ 120 Juvenile Delinquency 3
    CRJ 200 Criminology 3


    Course Name CR
    CRJ 210 Criminal Justice Research 3
    CRJ 215 Probation and Parole 3
    PSYC 205  Abnormal Psych 3
    CRJ 220 Constitutional Law 3
    PHY SCIENCE Physical Science 3

What Are My Career Opportunities?

Employment prospects for criminal justice graduates appear favorable because of the unfortunate fact that crime exists and continues to be one of our major social problems, necessitating more services that ensure the safety of our society.

Additionally, the criminal justice field will continue to be affected by new advances in technology, adding increased job opportunities for trained personnel who can apply their technical skills and knowledge to crime prevention and detection. Qualified women and minorities, previously under-represented in this field, can expect to be actively recruited.