Fine Arts Department

About the JJC Fine Arts Program

Joliet Junior College is committed to students and their pursuit of fine arts. The college demonstrates its commitment to meeting students’ artistic needs by providing space for learning and performing. In 2012, the music program space tripled, adding classrooms, a recording lab and more. The Black Box Theatre was added as a setting for more intimate theatre productions and the Laura A. Sprague Art Gallery has three times the space of its previous location.

Every year, the JJC Fine Arts Department hosts a variety of entertainment and cultural events for the community. With captivating theatre productions, must-see art gallery exhibits and nationally-recognized musical offerings, JJC is the cultural destination for residents both near and far.

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2019 Fine Arts Calendar

Fine Arts: Areas of Interest

The Fine Arts department is comprised of the following disciplines:

  • Communication

    The Fine Arts department at JJC offers a variety of courses and activities in communication, including Interpersonal Communication, Intercultural Communication, and Argumentation and Debate. 

    The Communication program stresses cooperative learning, small group activities, computer-assisted instruction and multimedia instruction to help the student better understand the principles of communication. Our faculty is consistently developing new courses and programs to better serve JJC students. Students will deliver a minimum of three formal presentations.

    What Will I Learn?

    Students will learn a wide variety of skills including critical thinking, critical listening, outline building, techniques to combat communication apprehension, the use of academic technology, preparation and proper use of visual aids, interpersonal skills, an understanding of perception, and an understanding of culture.

    What is Unique About our Communication 101 course?

    Our Communication 101 course is an introduction to basic human communication principles and skills. The course includes study and practice in Interpersonal, Intercultural, and Public Communication. Students have the option of taking our Communication 101 course face to face, hybrid, or fully online.

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  • Interior Design

    The Interior Design program is a broad-based educational curriculum for students planning to work in residential or contract design. The program provides the necessary academic foundation for students to continue beyond the associate’s degree level.

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  • Graphic Design

    The mission of the Graphic Design program is to provide students with industry-relevant and competency-based academic programs built on a solid art and design foundation that will prepare them for transition to a four-year college or university, or entry-level employment in graphic design production and related fields. 

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  • Music

    We offer a full music program with Theory, Aural Skills, Music History, Applied Lessons, and Ensembles.  Students at JJC are able to participate in Concert Band, Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, and in two Choirs. 

    We also offer a certificate in Music Technology.

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  • Theatre

    The Theatre major is a comprehensive program in which those interested in Acting, Directing, Design and any other aspect of theatre will be able to take the classes that will transfer to a four year theatre program.

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  • Visual Arts

    The Art Department at JJC offers students the opportunity to learn both the foundation courses of visual art and art history, as well as enroll in media-specific courses, including painting, figure drawing, ceramics, jewelry making and metalsmithing, graphic design, computer art, and photography.

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