President's Diversity & Inclusion Council


Provide an environment that inspires acceptance, inclusion, and mutual respect.


The President’s Diversity & Inclusion Council advocates and champion’s diversity and inclusion efforts that prioritize our commitment to the core values of respect and inclusion.  The Council will ensure the college community is a place where everyone feels welcomed, empowered and safe.

  • Upcoming/Previous Events

    Diversity and Inclusion Climate Survey

    Joliet Junior College students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in the Diversity and Inclusion Climate Survey. Full participation in the survey reflects everyone's commitment to our diversity and inclusion efforts and will provide each participant the opportunity to share their feedback of their experiences based upon their personal identify.

    Dates: January 22, 2019- February 1, 2019


    Diversity and Inclusion Focus Groups

    Students and employees will be randomly selected to participate in a diversity and inclusion focus group. In addition to the survey results identifying areas of success and/or concerns to assist with the creation of our goals and objectives, we will be using focus groups to provide us with the "why" behind any patterns and trends that emerge from the data. We encourage all those selected to participate in our efforts and share their honest feedback in regards to our diversity and inclusion efforts at the college.

    Dates: February 25, 2019- March 1, 2019

  • Council Functions

    • Create opportunities for JJC employees to engage in dialogue and gain knowledge about the meaning and importance of diversity and inclusion.
    • Ensure leadership embraces and models the vision, values, and goals for diversity and inclusion.
    • Incorporate diversity into strategic planning for each academic area and support unit.
    • Analyze effectiveness of council’s efforts through diversity and inclusion metrics.

  • Council Values

    • Ensure the importance of institutional representation
    • Demonstrate effective leadership as responsible agents of the college
    • Serve as a vital resource regarding critical decisions and emerging issues that impact the college community
    • Communicate in an open and transparent manner
    • Complete work by internal and external timelines

  • Council Members

    • Dr. Judy Mitchell
    • Dr. Yolanda Farmer
    • Malinda Carter
    • Erin Farmer
    • Linda Blanco
    • DeAndre Butler
    • Mindy Diaz
    • Kathy Delgado
    • Dr. Cathy Dobbs
    • Eric Dutt
    • Michael Fitzpatrick
    • Carl Gilmore
    • Mari Johnson
    • Dr. Angie Kaysen-Luzbetak
    • Michelle Lyman
    • Tracy Metcalf
    • Laura Michelsen
    • Dr. David Naze
    • Michelle Roman-Garcia
    • Michelle Roubal
    • Patty Sanchez
    • Julio Santiago
    • Cynthia Vasquez-Barrios
    • Patricia Opare
    • Cesar Castillo

    Contact Information

    The President’s Diversity and Inclusion Council is Chaired by Malinda Carter, Executive Director of Human Resources and Erin Farmer, Special Assistant to the President. 

    If you have questions or concerns for the council please reach out to either Erin Farmer (, Malinda Carter ( or any of our active members listed on this page