ACT COMPASS Preparation

This important placement test measures your math, reading, and writing abilities. An ACT COMPASS placement score is a mandatory prerequisite for math and English courses, as well as several other programs and classes. See Individuals Required to Take Test to learn more about these requirements. Without the ACT COMPASS test, you may be unable to register for your classes.

You are strongly encouraged to take this test seriously. Lower scores may result in 1 to 4 additional semesters of coursework that do not count toward your degree. These English and math classes that do not count toward your degree are called developmental classes. These courses can be identified by the "0" as the first digit in the course number.

Below you will find a number of ACT COMPASS Preparation options including:

ACT COMPASS Review Sessions

ACT COMPASS review sessions are available by appointment at City Center Campus, Main Campus, and Romeoville Campus. To make an appointment, please call the Tutoring and Learning Center at 815-280-2730.

ACT COMPASS Sample Questions

Because ACT produces the ACT COMPASS test, their website provides sample ACT COMPASS questions. According to ACT, "These sample items illustrate the types of questions students will encounter in the ACT COMPASS placement measures." Please select the appropriate subject area below to view the sample questions. To view a breakdown of the subject matter included in the ACT COMPASS test, please see Components of the Test.

ACT COMPASS Study Guides

These study guides were created by Joliet Junior College. Please select the appropriate subject area below to see questions, solutions, and explanations. 

Final Exam Review Packets

The Math Department created Final Exam Review Packets for each of its developmental courses. These materials may help you brush up on your math skills prior to taking the ACT COMPASS test.

JJC Library Resources

If you prefer to use textbooks to prepare for this exam, you have plenty of options available in the JJC Library.

Last updated on January 22, 2015.