Records & Transcripts

The Records & Transcripts processes incoming student transcripts, handles outgoing transcript requests (see tab below), final grade reports, verification of enrollment, and degree audits.

Enrollment Certification for Students

The Office of the Registrar issues an Enrollment Verification letter, bearing the Registrar seal, to verify academic record information to insurance companies or other student benefit organizations or programs. Academic record information available for verification may include prior and/or current enrollment, and enrollment status. All Enrollment Verification must be mailed by the student to the address provided on the request.

NOTE: For a minimal fee the college does provide a fax service at the Main Campus Campus Center Library, 2nd floor. Students can also drop their verification off in our mail room located at the Main Campus Campus Center, A-1020.

Student Self Service

The Student Self Service site will enable students who have been authenticated through JJC eResources to have direct access to perform a range of activities, including:

  • View electronic deferments or notification forms sent to student lenders.
  • Print proof of enrollment verification certificates.
  • View real time loan information.
  • View enrollment information held by the Clearinghouse provided by JJC.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Records Office maintains student records in a confidential manner. The student records policy of Joliet Junior College is governed by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Forms and more information on FERPA.


  • Methods of Requesting a Transcript

    Joliet Junior College Main Campus
    In-Person (immediate pick-up): $15.00

    Credentials Solutions
    Online: $9.00
    Operated Assisted Toll Free Number (800) 646-1858: $24.00

    Online Transcript Request
    In Person - Immediate Pick-Up Only

    The Joliet Junior College transcript window will only be handling immediate pick-ups. All other requests must be processed online.

    When picking up your transcript the student will be required to do the following:

    1. Make payment of $15.00 at the Student Accounts and Payments Window (Campus Center Enrollment Center, A-1020)

    2. Upon receiving a receipt for payment, students must walk over to Registration located next to the payment window (Campus Center Enrollment Center, A-1020) and produce their paid receipt so the transcript requests can be processed. A photo ID is required when picking up your transcript.
    3. All restrictive holds on a student's record must be cleared before a transcript is released.

    If a student wishes to have someone else pick up the transcript he/she must request the transcript in writing, authorizing that person to pickup the transcript for them. The person picking up the transcript must show Photo ID.

    Telephone Transcript Request

    Joliet Junior College has retained Credentials Inc. to accept transcript orders by telephone. Please call Credentials Inc. at (800) 646-1858.

    Requesting Records Prior to 1976

    For classes that were taken prior to 1976, records are maintained on microfilm. The microfilm is stored in the vault and the Records Office needs 24 to 36 hours to locate the appropriate microfilm and process it for your transcript.

  • Transcript Evaluation

    For questions on transferring to JJC, contact us at

    Students that are transferring from other colleges who want their credits evaluated for a certificate or degree from JJC must take the following steps.

    1. Make sure you have a JJC application for admission on file with the Admissions Office.
    2. Request your official transcripts from the college(s) you have previously attended be sent to: Joliet Junior College, Academic Credentials Office, 1215 Houbolt Road, Joliet, IL 60431-8938. JJC does accept electronic transcripts at
    3. Complete a transcript evaluation formThis form is for college transcripts only.
    4. View your academic summary on eResources in approximately four to six weeks for your evaluated transfer credit and the JJC equivalencies.

    For information on the admissions process, see the Transfer Information page

    JJC does not accept faxed transcripts.

    Advanced Placement

    Advanced placement can be attained by taking examinations in the Advanced Placement program sponsored by the College Board. The results of these tests form the basis for awarding college credit to those students who have passed one or more tests with satisfactory grades. Students who have taken these examinations should request that their official scores be sent to the academic credentials analyst in the Registration and Records office.

    AP Exams & Course Equivalents

  • Records and Transcripts FAQ

    How do I get my grades?

    You can print a final grade report from MYJJC portal.

    Where can I print out my schedule?

    You can print your class schedule via MYJJC Portal.

    Where can I get a copy of all the classes that I've taken without paying for an official transcript?

    An unofficial transcript may be obtained from MYJJC Portal.

    The Unofficial Transcript is a semester by semester printout of all the classes that the student has taken and the grades received. The Unofficial Transcript shows grade point average semester by semester as well as current grade point average. The results of placement test scores, transcript evaluation from other colleges and other testing information may also be indicated on the unofficial transcript..

    Will my "D" grades earned at another college be accepted at Joliet Junior College?

    If the student’s cumulative GPA is less than 2.0 at a previously attended institution, credit may be transferred for courses earning credit and successfully completed with grade of “C” or above.

    How does Joliet Junior College view repeat grades?

    The Joliet Junior College transcript reflects all the course work completed at the college. Only the repeat grade is calculated into the GPA. Both the original and repeat grade course grades remain on the transcript; however it will reflect that the original class was repeated.

    How do senior college/universities view a repeat grade?

    It varies depending upon the college. Some colleges average the two grades on a repeat. Consult the college catalog or the college admissions representative for information