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Some years ago a well-known liberal attorney and author, Alan Dershowicz, was so disturbed by the lack of respect for free speech on college campuses, he’s on record as saying: "Political correctness is the most serious issue on college campuses. We are tolerating, and teaching, intolerance and hypocrisy."

The situation is even worse now than when Dershowicz noted that.

Colleges are now allowing intolerant hate groups to organize on their campuses, and are even helping to fund those hate groups via fees all students must pay. Needless to say, this is a serious problem that requires remediation.

You may be asking yourself: What hate groups? You should be aware that on college campuses all across this country there are student groups that believe in censorship of "politically incorrect" ideas, that believe in inhibiting dialogue by shouting others down and by refusing to debate (because they would lose the debate), and that believe in bullying others into accepting immoral values.

The kind of groups I’m referring to are so-called "gay pride" groups. I experience all this behavior firsthand because I go on college campuses and distribute flyers which explain why homosexual activity is immoral. A friend and I were recently at JJC and experienced such intolerant behavior on the part of some homosexuals and their straight supporters.

Homosexual groups love to smear and label decent, moral people as "homophobes" and "bigots" and "Neanderthals" (et al, ad nauseum) just because these decent people reasonably deem homosexual activity immoral. Judging by their behavior, there is far more hate in the homosexual community than there will ever be in our group.

These homosexual groups also repeatedly offend and outrage blacks by comparing blacks to sexually aberrant people. They do this by comparing the blacks’ struggle for civil rights with the struggle by sexually aberrant people for the "right" to engage in disordered, immoral behavior. To compare blacks with the sexually aberrant is ridiculous and offensive, but homosexual groups do it routinely nonetheless. Talk about bigotry.

And homosexual groups, by strongly pushing the "homosexuals are born that way" propaganda (without any definitive proof incidentally) are effectively ignoring the sexual abuse of children. Researchers know that many homosexuals were sexually abused when they were young, and that sexual abuse can contribute to homosexual orientations.

This is all well-documented. Yet the connection between sexual abuse and homosexuality is basically ignored by homosexual groups. What kinds of "people" ignore the sexual abuse of children?

The fact that homosexual hate groups are allowed to organize on college campuses needs to be addressed by colleges.

Numerous colleges are helping to create an intolerant, hostile environment that is not conducive to education (unless you define education as indoctrination with one-sided, irrational propaganda).And, as we’ve learned the hard way, a hostile environment can someday morph into a violent one. Do colleges want riots occurring on their campuses like those that occurred during the Vietnam War? That’s the direction they seem to be heading in. And by essentially subsidizing hate, they could be courting some serious lawsuits down the road.

Sincerely, Wayne Lela of H.O.M.E. (Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment).


Editor’s note:
Dear Mr. Lela,
While you may be offended by the amount of backlash you received while visiting JJC, the intolerance and prejudice H.O.M.E. expresses towards the GLBT population is alienating. Labeling an entire group of highly diverse people as immoral based on who they love is not only "intolerant," as you describe about GLBT groups, but not conducive to a world where everyone has the right to express themselves as long as they are not infringing on basic human rights.

JJC does have a large and active queer population, something you might have been aware of before visiting the campus. The faculty and staff are also largely supportive of GLBT rights, and our campus is a safe haven for queer-identified people. It is anything but the hostile environment you are describing. Instead, our campus welcomes people of all creeds and orientations. Dissent against your viewpoint is a result of the anger GLBT people rightly feel about being an oppressed minority.

You are concerned that "homosexual hate groups" are allowed to organize on campuses, but you fail to realize that you are arguing against the fundamental duties of educational institutions. Beyond my deeply seated personal disagreement with H.O.M.E.’s agenda, campuses have the important function of being centers of free speech.

This is why your organization was allowed to debate with students in the first place, even though JJC is a "Safe Zone" campus. Unhindered self-expression is one of the key components of educational progress.


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