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Title IV Refund Policy 

Students Outside on Main Campus 

If a student withdraws from Joliet Junior College, then the school or the student may be required to return some of the federal funds awarded to the student. The student may also be eligible for a refund of a portion of the tuition and fees paid to Joliet Junior College.

Title IV Refunds concern any amount awarded through Title IV financial aid. For information on Joliet Junior College's tuition refund policy, please see the refund policy page, in the registration section of JJC's website.

Federal Formula

The federal formula requires a return of Title IV aid if the student received federal financial assistance in the form of a Pell Grant, Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, Federal Direct Student Loan, or PLUS loan and withdrew on or before completing 60% of the semester. The percentage of Title IV aid to be returned is equal to the number of calendar days remaining in the semester divided by the number of calendar days in the semester. Scheduled breaks of more than four consecutive days are excluded.

Joliet Junior College's Refund Policy exists for calculating the refund of institutional charges. The federal "Return of Title IV Funds" formula dictates the amount of federal Title IV aid that must be returned to the federal government by the school and the student. The policy evaluates the amount of financial aid the student "earned" up to the point of withdrawal. The federal formula is applicable to a student receiving federal aid other than Federal Work-Study if that student withdraws on or before the 60% point in time in the semester.

Visit with a Financial Aid Adviser

Refunds are processed automatically by the Financial Aid Office once a student withdraws; no appointment is necessary for the process to occur. However, if a student has questions about the Title IV Refund Policy that has not been answered on the Web site, they are encouraged to meet with a financial aid adviser. Call the financial aid office at (815) 280-2528 to schedule an appointment.

It is also recommended that the student consult with an academic counselor/adviser of their intention to withdraw. See the counseling page for more information.

Examples of How Complete Withdrawals Can Affect JJC Students

  • If you completely withdraw before school starts, you must repay the amount of your Pell Grant that was used as part of your book voucher. You may return the books to reduce the amount you owe, according to the bookstore refund policy.
  • If you completely withdraw within the first 15 days of school the refund will be returned to you or the resource that paid the tuition. You will be responsible for the amount of Pell Grant that was used as your book voucher. You may return the books to the bookstore to reduce the amount that you owe, according to the bookstore refund policy.
  • If you withdraw after the 15th day but before the loan disbursement, your loan will be cancelled. You may owe JJC for your tuition depending on the amount and type of other aid you have.
  • If you withdraw after the loan is disbursed but before the 60% point in the semester, Joliet Junior College will use the Title IV Refund policy to determine how much of your aid is to be repaid by you, JJC or both.
  • If you withdraw after the 60% point in the semester, you will have earned all of your financial aid and there will be no liability by you or JJC.

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