Dayna Crabb
International Student Services Coordinator
Office: A-1114
Phone: 1+ (815) 280-2262

Office Hours (CST):
Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Summer Hours (CST):
Monday – Thursday: 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Closed Friday: May 23 through August 8


Frequently Asked Questions 


What are the main requirements to maintain legal status as a F-1 student?

Maintaining legal status is the full responsibility of you, the student. Check your JJC email account!  Important information will be sent securely to your JJC email account so it is critical that you check it frequently. Here are some of the most important requirements that you must pay attention to:

1. Must be enrolled full-time (12 credit hours per academic semester) at Joliet Junior College. If you are requesting a "Reduced Course Load" you must seek approval from your DSO prior to dropping your courses.

2. Keep immigration documents current and updated. This includes your passport and I-20. If you change your name you must have it changed on all of your documents. If you change your academic program you must make sure it is reflected on your I-20.

3. If you change your address, you must contact your DSO with your new contact information.

4. If you choose to get a job, it must be on campus. You cannot work more than 20 hours per week during the academic year. During the summer months you are able to work up to 40 hours per week at your on-campus job.

5. You must file taxes with the Internal Revenue Service. If you have employment you must also file taxes with the State of Illinois.

How do I get a social security number?

Step 1:Obtain a job on campus.  Contact Career Services to find out how you can find employment on campus.

Step 2: Complete Application for Social Security Card 

Step 3: Obtain a letter from your employer confirming employment offer with your work schedule.

Step 4: Obtain a letter from your DSO confirming your enrollment and status at Joliet Junior College.

Step 5: Bring the completed application, the letter from your employer, the letter from your DSO, your passport, your I-20 and a printed off copy of your I-94 to the local Social Security office.  The nearest Social Security office is located within walking distance of Joliet Junior College at 552 Houbolt Road, Joliet, IL 60431.

For more information, visit the Social Security website.

How do I get a driver's license?

To obtain an Illinois driver's license you will need to pass a written driving exam on driving regulations, a vision test and a driving test at a local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) office.  You are responsible for providing a vehicle for the driving test.  If you have a driver's license from your home country, you must change it to an Illinois driver's license within 90 days.  The closest DMV is located at 201 S. Joyce Rd., Joliet, IL 60435.

With a Social Security Number:
If you have a social security number, please visit the Illinois CyberDrive website. Note: Please make sure that if you qualifty for a regular driver's license, you decline the question when asked if you wish to register to vote.

Without a Social Security Number:
If you are not eligible for a social security number, you can obtain a "Temporary Visitor's Driver's License (TVDL). Please visit this
website for more details.

How do I open up a bank account in the U.S.?

It is recommended that you open up a checking account at a local bank to avoid currency conversion fees.  Every bank has different requiremenst for opening up a checking account but they typically require your passport, proof of local residency, your JJC student ID and your social security number, if you have one.

Can I get a job while I am in the U.S.?

International students are allowed to obtain on-campus employment, working up to 20 hours maximum per week. During the summer terms,international students may work at their on-campus job up to 40 hours a week. F-1 students are NOT permitted to work off campus.

To find employment on-campus, visit
Career Services.

How do I get a State of Illinois identification card?

You will need to visit a Department of Motor Vehicles office.  The closest DMV is located at 201 S. Joyce Rd., Joliet, IL 60435.  For more information visit the Secretary of State website.

Do I need to submit any federal or state tax forms?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires all F-1 students to file an income tax form(s).  The 8843 form is required of all students and a 1040NR or 1040NREZ is required for all students who worked on-campus.  If you worked, you will also be required to submit an Illinois 1040 form.  For assistance with your taxes, you may use the services of a reputable tax preparation company such as H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt.

I am having a difficult time adjusting to the culture.  Who should I see?

First of all, it is very normal for international students to experience some sort of culture shock.  Be sure to visit the International Student Services Coordinator in A-1114.  She will help you transition into the culture.  

How can I get more involved on-campus and meet other students?

A great place to start is to get involved with the International Student Club.  To get more information, contact Dayna Crabb at or visit her office in A-1114.

There are over 40 other student clubs and organizations that you can join.  Be sure to stop by the Mainstreet events or visit the
Office of Student Activities.

How can I learn more about the education system at JJC?

You can learn more about the "Buzz Words" on the New Student Orientation website.

I am having some difficulty with the English language.  Can I get help?

Yes!  There is a tutoring center designed for students like you.  Please visit the L.E.A.P. (Learning English for Academic Purposes) Center, currently located in the Office of Multicultural Students Affairs.  The L.E.A.P. Center offers non-native English speakers tutorial assistance in reading, writing, speaking, and grammar skills.

Can you explain what "academic dishonesty" means?

Academic dishonesty is taken very seriously at Joliet Junior College and can result in a referral to the Dean of Students.  Here are some examples of academic dishonesty:
Plagairism - the reproduction of ideas, words or statements of another person as one's own without acknowledgement.   
Cheating - intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information or study aids.
Unauthorized Collaboration - intentionally sharing or working together in an academic exercise when such actions are not approved by the course instructor.
Falsification and Fabrication - intentional and unauthorized falsification or invention of any information or citation furnished to any college official, faculty member or office.

For more information about Academic Dishonesty and the Academic Honor Code, visit the Academic and Behavior Standards website.

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