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StAR Testing Accommodations for testing are provided on an appointment basis; please schedule in advance. Please contact the Resource Room to schedule all appointments.

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Documentation Policy 


To qualify for services from STAR, the students must identify themselves as having a disability, request services, and provide documentation such as special education records, which include recent psychological testing results and/or a physician's statement with a diagnosis, prognosis, and recommendation for accommodation. Student accommodations are based on:

  1. The student's educational needs.
  2. The intake interview.
  3. And by the documentation the student provides.

The following are descriptions of the type of documentation needed to receive accommodations through STAR:

Documentation Forms

Documentation forms are available where applicable. Once documentation has been completed you may schedule an Intake Appointment by calling Karen at 815-280-2230.

Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder

The applicant must provide a recent medical evaluation by a qualified physician.

The report must state:

  • The diagnosis, with the DSM-IV criteria
  • The impact the disability has on academic performance
  • Recommended accommodations pertinent to the testing results
  • Information relating to prescribed medication, including information on side effects and the impact of medication changes.

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The applicant must provide documentation completed by a qualified professional which states the diagnosis, the impact the disability has on academic performance, and the recommended accommodations pertinent to the testing results. This information can be contained in either a psychological report or in the Summary of Performance issued by the high school.


Learning Disabilities Documentation Policy:

All assessments must include the date administered. Include the following documents:

  1. Transition IEP with Summary of Performance included (recent high school graduates ONLY)
  2. An individual achievement test that was administered in the last 4 years (during high school).
    * If this is not available, StAR will accept the percentiles for the achievement levels on the ACT PLAN Test beginning Fall 2012. (Similiar testing may be considered)
  3. An IQ (Ability) test that was administered at any time. 
  4. Information regarding processing skills, memory, etc.

If Learning Disability documentation DOES NOT meet these require-ments, the student may wish to seek further testing from a licensed individual such as a clinical psychologist or diagnostician if accommodations are going to be requested from the Joliet Junior College StAR Program.

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Hearing Impairment

The applicant must provide diagnostic results from a full hearing test performed by a qualified professional. Documentation must also address the following:

  • Relevant medical history, including date of hearing loss.
  • Specific diagnosis and recent audiogram.
  • Description of functional limitation (with and without any hearing aids or other assistive devices or treatments).
  • Specific recommendation for accommodation(s) and accompanying rationale.

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Physical or Medical Disabilities

The student must provide a copy of the following information as it applies to the disability on the letterhead of the individual's health care provider with that provider's signature or on the STAR form with the providers' signature.

The report must include:

  • Diagnosis and original diagnosis date
  • Etiology/cause
  • Impact or limitation
  • Medications
  • Side effects of medication
  • Suggestions or recommendation for accommodations
  • Any additional information that would assist STAR is helping the student

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Visual Impairment

The applicant must provide a copy of the complete ocular examination from an optometrist or ophthalmologist that includes:

  • Diagnosis and original diagnosis date.
  • Etiology/cause
  • Impact or limitation (including acuity scores).
  • Visual acuity with and without correction.
  • Status of corrective lenses (glasses and/or contact lenses and any other devices).
  • Medications and side effects of medication
  • Suggestions or recommendations for accommodations.
  • Any additional information that would assist STAR in helping the student.

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Other Physical or Psychological Disorders

The applicant must provide diagnostic results from an appropriate medical /psychiatric examination that documents the relevant medical history, provides a description of functional limitation, and states a specific recommendation for accommodation(s) and accompanying rationale.

Each request for accommodation is evaluated on a case by case basis using the information described above.

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