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Summer Hours:
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Romeoville Campus: NC-03
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Fall and Spring Hours:
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Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm 

Summer Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 7:30am-7:30pm

New Student Orientation - Helpful Information 


At the NSO, you received a brochure indicating that additional information and links would be made available on this site. Below you will learn more about:

If you wish to watch the Session One Presentation again, please click here.

SESSION ONE PRESENTATION - Spring 2012 Registration

"Buzz Word" College Terminology

As a new student, you will be introduced to a lot of new terminology including credit hours, semesters, IAI, prerequisites, etc. To assist you with your transition to college, these "Buzz Words" are defined on the NSO web site. Look for the "Buzz Word" bee!

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JJC Degrees

People attend JJC for a variety of reasons. For those of you considering earning a degree from JJC, it is important you understand all of your options.

  1. Associate in Arts (AA)
    • Students seeking to major in social studies, humanities, fine arts, and other majors falling under the arts pursue an AA.
    • This degree is IAI compatible and thus will transfer to most Illinois colleges and universities.
  2. See the JJC AA requirements.
    • Associate in Science (AS)
      • Students seeking to major in mathematics, natural sciences, technology, and other majors falling under the science category pursue an AS.
      • This degree is IAI compatible and thus will transfer to most Illinois colleges and universities.
      • See the JJC AS requirements.
    • Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
      • Students seeking the option of immediate employment after graduation pursue an AAS.
      • Majors within the AAS include the following and may be viewed at the JJC AAS website:
        • Agriculture and Horticulture
        • Business
        • Computer/ Technology
        • Criminal Justice
        • Culinary Arts
        • Education
        • Fine Arts
        • Fire Science Technology
        • Health/ Family
        • Law Enforcement
        • Mechanical/ Technology
        • Orthotics and Prosthetics
        • Process Control and Instrumentation Technology
        • Veterinary Medical Technology
      • Degree requirements vary by department; please consult with your counselor or advisor for the specifics. To view these requirements, please visit the JJC AAS webpage.
      • Not all AAS degrees transfer so be sure to work closely with your advisor if you intend to transfer.
    • Associate in Arts Teaching (AAT)
      • Students who have chosen a participating transfer institution and plan to major in Elementary Education or Special Education may pursue an AAT.
      • If you are interested in transferring with an AAT degree, be sure to plan your education closely with your advisor.
      • While the JJC AAT degree requirements are quite specific, additional required courses vary depending on the transfer institution.

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    Support Services

    Disability Services

    The StAR (Student Accommodations and Resources) Department is committed to providing academic support to

    • Students with documented disabilities
    • Students with limited English proficiency
    • Students enrolled in a Career and Technical major

    Tutoring Services

    Student Activities - Getting Involved

    Participating in student activities and student employment is proven to increase your chances of college success. Such activities may include

    Succeeding in the Classroom

    In addition to partaking in support services and getting involved on campus, it is important that you understand how to demonstrate college success in the classroom as well by

    • Attending class
    • Speaking with your instructor during class and during instructor office hours.
    • Reviewing your course syllabus and keeping a copy with your course materials
    • Checking your JJC email on a regular basis to view
      • Instructor communication
      • Billing information
      • Semester grades
      • Notification of academic progress
      • Support Services appointments
      • Priority registration information
      • Important college information and announcements

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    Registration and Payment Processes

    Now that you know what it takes to be a successful college student, let's discuss how you should go about registering and paying for classes by learning how to:

    • Decide whether to be a full-time or part-time student
    • Understand course selection
    • Read a JJC student schedule
    • Add and drop courses
    • Pay for college

    Decide whether to be a full-time or part-time student

    When deciding to become a full-time or part-time student, keep the following information in mind.

    • Remember that becoming a full-time student means that you are enrolled in 12 or more credit hours.
    • When building your schedule, be mindful of outside responsibilities including
      • Commute
      • Extracurricular activities
      • Family
      • Job
    • You may choose to become a part-time student however, this may impact your
      • Financial aid
      • Health insurance
    • Only full-time students are eligible to live in Centennial Commons or participate in JJC athletics.

    Understand how to select courses appropriately

    • By choosing the correct courses, including prerequisites, co-requisites, and labs, you will attain your degree in a timely manner.

    Read a JJC student schedule and know what to look for

    1. Refund Date - Every course has its own refund date; this is the last date you could possibly receive a full refund if you drop the course.
    2. Drop Date - Every course has a drop date; this is the last date you could possibly drop the course without receiving a failing grade.
    3. Total Credits - This information appears at the bottom of your schedule and determines your full-time status.

    Add and drop courses

    You may find it necessary to make adjustments to your class schedule.

    • Schedule adjustments (add/drop) may be made through eResources or the Registration Office; this may occur prior to the first day of the semester.
    • It is your responsibility to drop a class; please know that officially dropping a class is not the same as just not attending the class.

    Pay for college

    • Students have the option to pay immediately upon registering for classes, or to set up a payment plan.
    • The JJC payment plan, also known as the FACTS plan, incurs a $25.00 fee and allows for flexible monthly payments.
    • JJC students are encouraged to apply for financial aid by completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
    • You will be dropped from your course without notification if no payment is received.

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