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College is not just about taking tests, showing up to class on time and writing papers.  College also means learning and using strategies to succeed, finding a great career path and, ultimately, discovering yourself!

Consider taking one of these success courses to help you achieve (or discover) your goals.

Career/Lifestyle Planning (GSD 110 - 3 credit hours)

Are you uncertain about your college major and future career, or uncertain whether you are making the right choice? This three-credit, transferable course will provide you with a systematic approach to career and lifestyle planning, and decision-making. This class is offered online as well as in a traditional class setting.

College Success (GSD 100 - 2 credit hours)

Create success from the start by enrolling in Joliet Junior College's orientation course. In addition to introducing you to community college life and developing a toolbox of smart skills, you will earn two transferable credit hours. This course is recommended for all new students who meet the prerequisites.

College Preparation & Study Skills (GSD 085 - 2 credit hours)

If you placed into lower levels of developmental reading and writing, this orientation course is designed especially for you.  GSD 085 will help you with the transition to college.  It will also help develop your college survival techniques and study skills.

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