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Educational Planning 

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By working together with your counselor or advisor, you can create an educational plan that is essentially a roadmap to your academics here at JJC and beyond!

An educational plan is tailored to include:

  • An overview of specific degree/certificate requirements
  • Classes to take for your major (or ideas if you are undecided)
  • Transfer requirements to a four-year college/university or two-year program not offered by JJC
  • A semester-by-semester outline of what classes to take in which semester
  • Your attendance needs (full or part-time school)

Educational planning is done by appointment and may require more than one meeting with your counselor or advisor to complete all the components listed above. You should regularly check with your counselor or advisor to make sure no changes to the requirements for your major or transfer school have occurred.

View sample eduational plans here.

Undecided about your educational path?

We can provide you with a generalized plan to help get you started. One of the tools we use to help you create a generalized plan is the basic degree planning worksheet. As you narrow your focus and make decisions about your academic interests, we can adjust your plan accordingly.

For lists of degree and/or certificate requirements, see the Degrees and Certificates page.

AA Degree Planning Worksheet (PDF)

AS Degree Planning Worksheet (PDF)

AAS Degree Requirements (link to AAS degree index and department webpages)


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