Bookstore FAQ 


How can I contact the bookstore?

You can either visit in person, call us at (815) 280-6767, or email us at

Where is the bookstore located?

The bookstore is located inside the Campus Center in A-1012 at the Main Campus. See a Main Campus Map for details.

How do I purchase my books?

Books go on sale approximately four weeks before the start of the semester. You will need a copy of your schedule to purchase books. A bookstore associate will assist you in finding your books. You may then take your purchase to any available bookstore register for processing.  If you are not able to visit the bookstore, you may order your books or rent selected titles at our online bookstore.

How can I pay for my books?

The JJC Bookstore accepts cash, checks (with a driver's license), Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and most Financial Aid programs. For more information about Financial Aid purchases (including Pell Grants), you may contact either the JJC Bookstore at (815) 280-6767 or the Financial Aid Office at (815) 280-2528.

What is the difference between a refund/return and buyback?

A refund/return is a return of merchandise for a refund within a specified time frame. Buyback is an opportunity for students to sell their books back on a daily basis.

Can I return my books?

Yes. You may return your books for a full refund in accordance with the return policy that is attached to your receipt at the time of purchase. If the refund date has expired, you may want to try to sell your books at buyback.

If you obtained your book(s) through a RENTAL PROGRAM -

Need to be returned to your Rental Program Administrator, as directed by your Rental Agreement.

The JJC Bookstore is NOT Responsible for any charges you may experience for selling back rental books!

How much of my Financial Aid can I spend in the Bookstore and/or Cafeteria?

Available remaining balances for eligible purchases can be found on the JJC website ( under the student's account.

What do I need to present to the Bookstore when making purchases with my Financial Aid?

A current JJC Student I.D. and a copy of your full schedule displaying your Student I.D. number are required. JJC Student I.D's can be obtained or renewed at Photo I.D. Services located in the Campus Center.

What are my return options for books/merchandise purchased on my Financial Aid?

The JJC Bookstore has specific time limits to return items purchased in the Bookstore.

  1. Textbooks – During the refund period, books will be credited back in full (contingent on condition). If purchased on Financial Aid, they will be credited back to the student's Financial Aid. A receipt and JJC Student I.D. are required for all refunds.
  2. Textbooks - If returned after refund period and before the Financial Aid cut-off date, the buyback amount (where applicable based on need and condition), will be credited back to the student's Financial Aid. A receipt and JJC Student I.D. are required.
  3. Clothing/Backpacks –Items must be in new condition within 3 days of purchase with all tags attached. A receipt and JJC Student I.D. is required for all refunds.
  4. Supplies are non-refundable.

Bookstore return and buyback policies are included with each transaction and are available for viewing upon request.

Can I use my Financial Aid to make purchase for another person or to purchase books for classes in which I am not enrolled?

No, Financial Aid awards are granted to a specific student for their educational expenses. Purchases not related to your educational expenses or any misuse of Financial Aid funds (as determined by the Financial Aid department) could result in a restriction of funds.

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