Book Buyback 

Book buyback  

JJC Bookstore has a variety of ways to sell your books back throughout the school year. The bookstore conducts a daily buyback during regular business hours all days the bookstore is open as well as a semester-end buyback at the end of the spring, fall, and summer classes, usually during final examination periods.

The JJC Bookstore operates the daily buyback, while a textbook wholesale company operates the semester-end buyback.

If you obtained your book(s) through a RENTAL PROGRAM -

Need to be Returned to your Rental Program Administrator, as directed by your Rental Agreement.
The JJC Bookstore is NOT Responsible for any charges you may experience for selling back rental books!

In order to maximize the potential for students to receive money for their books, the first priority is to purchase books for the JJC Bookstore. The bookstore will usually buy back books at up to 50 percent of the new book price, regardless if you purchased the book new or used and only those titles that the teaching staff indicates will be used again. All books must be in clean, usable condition. The JJC Bookstore reserves the right to refuse a book based on condition or quantity needed.

If the JJC Bookstore does not need your book, the wholesale company may purchase the book themselves to sell to other colleges and universities throughout the country. They determine the price they are willing to pay for your book. In some cases, your book may have a zero value; this is usually because there is a new edition out. In this case you may want to keep the book, or the JJC Bookstore will recycle the book for you.

Most buyback transactions (see exception below ***) are made in cash. In most cases no receipt is needed. A photo I.D. (preferably A JJC Student Photo I.D.) is needed on daily buyback transactions. Buyback prices will not be given out over the phone.

***Effective March 14, 2012 Buybacks on books purchased using Current Term Financial Aid will be Credited to your Financial Aid Account within 1 (one) Business Day for the current buyback value. A valid, current Photo I.D. is Required for Returns and Buybacks and a cash register receipt may also be required.

The JJC Bookstore buys back books every business day!

Please Note: If your book came with a CD or other materials, please bring everything plus the book to buyback.




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