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JJC is aware that local high schools are preparing their juniors and seniors to make the transition into higher education, whether this be dual credit coursework or courses taken at Joliet Junior College. To assist with this shift, we offer off-site COMPASS testing each spring. This service is available to all College District 525 High Schools and allows students to complete COMPASS placement testing at their local high school during school hours.

The JJC ASC Off-Site Testing Season runs from November to May to accommodate local high schools.  From June through October, testing traffic within the testing sites is too great to allow for staff to travel off-site.  From June through October, all JJC ACT COMPASS testers must complete their testing at one of JJC's five testing sites.

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ACT COMPASS Off-Site Testing Guidelines

Student Tester Guidelines

  • A minimum number of student testers will be present for each testing day. A roster of 20-25 students is typical. Failure to have this minimum met may result in potential denial of future Off-Site COMPASS Testing at your location. If you have a concern about meeting this minimum requirement, please contact Academic Skills Center Secretary, Leslie Kolesar, at (815) 280-6667.
  • All student testers participating in Off-Site COMPASS Testing must complete a Joliet Junior College (JJC) Application at least two weeks prior to testing
  • Student testers must furnish their own calculators and may use nothing more advanced than a TI86. Student testers also have the option of using the calculator built into the COMPASS test.
  • Student testers are not allowed to have food, drinks, backpacks, purses, cell phones or other electronic devices, books, folders, or paperwork with them during testing.
  • JJC ACT COMPASS Off-Site Testing is for initial testing only.  All retesting must take place at the Main Campus, Romeoville Campus, Morris Education Center, or City Center Campus testing sites. 
  • All student testers have been made aware that this test is produced by the same company that created the ACT; it is best to take this test seriously and prepare for it. All student testers have been made aware of COMPASS study materials including the study guide documents below and the COMPASS sample questions available online. For preparation items, see ACT COMPASS Preparation Materials.
  • All student testers have been made aware that ACT scores may be used as a substitute for ACT COMPASS testing under certain conditions.  Click here to learn about using ACT scores as a substitute for ACT COMPASS testing.

Institutional Guidelines

  • No scheduled drills (i.e. fire, tornado, etc.) will take place during Off-Site COMPASS Testing. Please check your institution's calendar for drills and other planned disruptions before scheduling an Off-Site COMPASS testing date.
  • JJC Academic Skills Center Staff will be let into the testing area no less than one hour prior to scheduled testing to prepare room. Testing must start at 8:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m.
  • High school will furnish computer lab with one PC for each tester. If laptops are being used, their batteries must be fully charged prior to testing. The computer lab will be available for one hour of test setup, three hours of testing, and thirty minutes to clean up area and acquire feedback from participating high school staff.
  • High school will furnish blank scratch paper and pencils to each student tester. JJC ASC Staff will shred paper upon completion of testing.
  • High school will adhere to IT requirements outlined in Off-Site COMPASS Testing IT Checklist.
  • Off-Site Testing Institution will furnish printer and paper to allow for three (3) printed copies of each tester's results. The student tester receives one copy, the Counselor/Instructor receives the other, and a third is taken back to JJC by the COMPASS Proctor. 
  • Off-Site Testing Institution will ensure that computers are programmed (defaulted) to print to a printer within the testing room.

Personnel Guidelines

  • The High School's Primary IT contact and Network Administrator will be available at least one month prior to testing date to discuss JJC COMPASS IT requirements (PCs instead of Macs; 800X600 resolution, 100 MB of hard disk space, shared drive to store scores, printer, Internet access, Internet Explorer 6.) The initial contact will take place in person; all subsequent contacts may take place via email and phone calls.
  • The High School's Primary IT contact will be readily available during entire testing session.
  • The Counselor/Instructor contact will be present in the testing lab during entire testing session.
  • For each additional 30 student testers present, additional counselor/instructors will be present in each testing lab. See personnel requirements chart below:

Personnel Requirements Chart

Number of Student Testers Present

Number of High School Counselor/ Instructors Required

IT Personnel Requirements

0-30 1 Primary IT readily available
31-60 2 Primary IT readily available
61-90 3 Primary IT readily available
91-120 4 Primary IT readily available

Timeframe Guidelines

  • The High School's Primary IT contact and Network Administrator will be available at least one month prior to testing date to speak with JJC IT staff to learn how to install the COMPASS program at the high school location, as well as how to send the scores to JJC IT staff.
  • The High School's Primary IT contact and Network Administrator will perform a test run at least two weeks prior to testing date to ensure that the scores were correctly sent to JJC IT staff.
  • All student testers participating in Off-Site COMPASS Testing will have completed a Joliet Junior College (JJC) Application at least two weeks prior to testing.
  • All cancellations will be made at least one week prior to testing date. The ability to reschedule Off-site COMPASS testing is up to the discretion of the Academic Skills Center and cannot be guaranteed.
  • All roster changes must be made no later than five business days prior to testing date.  Changes submitted within four business days of the testing date may not be considered.
  • Academic Skills Center staff will call counselor/instructor contact within 48 hours of the testing date to confirm appointment.

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