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Speak with your institution about having your test proctored at the Joliet Junior College Academic Skills Center.  It is the institution's responsibility, and not the tester's responsibility, to complete the form below.  Institutions are strongly discouraged to email test submission information to a single ASC staff member as ASC staff work at multiple campuses and may be unavailable during the day of testing. In order to best serve students, please adhere to these guidelines. In cases where materials are not submitted appropriately, the ASC cannot be held responsible for turning away testers when materials are not easily accessible. 

Please review the following testing parameters before completing your submission.

  • The JJC ASC does not have the ability to download the Respondus program from other institutions.  Alternatives to this method include providing a paper/pencil copy or securing the exam with a password instead of the lockdown browser.
  • The JJC ASC will not allow students to bring in laptops or other electronic devices.
  • The JJC ASC does not have the capability to provide a 1:1 ratio of proctors to testers.  All Outside Proctoring takes place in a large group lab.

    Last updated on June 5, 2014.

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