iCampus Testing 


The Academic Skills Center provides a proctored testing environment for online and blended courses.  This testing is referred to as iCampus testing.

Remember that new tests will not be administered one hour prior to closing.  Please plan your testing schedule accordingly.

Helpful Information for JJC Instructors


Steps to submitting a test online

  1. Log into the myJJC Portal.
  2. Under the "My Links" box in the upper right side of the screen, select "Exam Submission Tutorial for ASC."
  3. If this is your first time, please take a moment to view the brief tutorial.
  4. If you are familiar with the process, select "iCampus Test Submission (Online/ Blended Only)," in the upper left side of the screen and fill out the form.

Steps to change the parameters of an iCampus, My Math Lab, or My Reading Lab test to the ASC.  A completed iCampus Testing Form is required for each test for each class section.  Click here to access this form is available online through the myJJC Portal. 

  1. Log into the myJJC Portal.
  2. Under the "My Links" box in the upper right side of the screen, select "Exam Submission Tutorial for ASC."
  3. Select "View iCampus Tests."
  4. Find your exam, make the appropriate changes, and save.
  5. Test extensions should be placed into the "Test Extensions" field.  Be sure to include the student(s)' first name(s), last name(s), and new test deadline(s).

ASC iCampus testing policies

  • All testers must provide photo identification in order to access exam materials.
  • The ASC is for testing and tutoring only. The ASC does not accept take-home tests, homework, or any type of hand-outs to be turned in.
  • It is instructor's responsibility to inform the student when the test will be available in the ASC as well as what materials are allowed and required.
  • If an ASC staff member observes a student cheating on any quiz or test, all testing and unauthorized materials will be confiscated. The Dean of Students and the tester's instructor will be notified immediately. The student may be banned from testing in the ASC for a period of time following a cheating incident.
  • If a special answer sheet or scantron is needed, please include it with the test. The ASC does provide pencils and scratch paper.
  • The ASC will ensure that students have the appropriate amount of time to complete their testing. If an instructor indicates on the iCampus Testing Form that a student should have three hours to complete an exam, then the student will be permitted to begin the exam no later than three hours before the ASC closes.
  • Exams may be returned to the instructor or department secretary through interoffice mail or the instructor or department secretary may choose to pick them up; note the preferred method of return on the iCampus Testing Form. We will not mail tests to an instructor's home address. Tests marked for pickup by the instructor will be returned through interoffice mail if not picked up within two weeks of completion by the student. All expired tests submitted online via the myJJC Portal will be deleted. The instructor may resubmit these tests to the ASC.
  • Please remind students that children are not permitted in the ASC.

Steps to Take the Test

  1. Contact the JJC Academic Skills Center at (815) 280-2261 with any questions.  
  2. Arrive at the testing center with one acceptable form of identification; if you do not have appropriate ID, you will not be allowed to test. There are no exceptions to this rule!
  3. Place your backpack, books, paperwork, food, drink, all electronic devices, and all other personal items in an ASC locker; these are not allowed in the testing area.  If items do not fit, then they must be taken and stored in your car.
  4. Plan to arrive at the testing center no less than 60 minutes prior to closing.  Exams must be submitted when the center closes.  Exams must be completed in one sitting.  Earplugs are available upon request.  Click here to see other Academic Skills Center Testing Policies.
  5. Complete your test(s).
  6. Receive your grade(s). 
    • Computerized exams with objective questions are graded automatically upon completion. 
    • Non-computerized exams are graded by the instructor; these scores are later posted in iCampus.  If you do not receive your grade within two weeks, please contact the instructor. 
    • While grading procedures and assignments may vary from course to course, instructors will compute grades on the same basis as the equivalent course offered on campus. Regardless of when you complete the course, all grades will be submitted by the instructor at the end of the semester at which time they will be officially recorded on your transcript.

Testing Times and Locations

iCampus Testing is available only at Main Campus.  Students who require this testing must arrive at the testing center no later than 60 minutes before closing. 

Main Campus
Directions to Main Campus
Academic Skills Center in A-1138 (Campus Center)
1215 Houbolt Road
Joliet, IL 60431

Day Available Testing Times
Monday No testing will begin after 7:00pm
Tuesday No testing will begin after 7:00pm
Wednesday No testing will begin after 7:00pm
Thursday No testing will begin after 7:00pm
Friday (CLOSED DURING SUMMER SESSIONS) No testing will begin after 3:30pm
Saturday (CLOSED DURING SUMMER SESSIONS) No testing will begin after 11:00am

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