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WorkKeys is a job skills assessment system measuring "real world" skills employers believe are critical to job success.  These skills are valuable for any occupation - skilled or professional - and at any level of education.  Joliet Junior College is your site to attain the National Career Readiness Certificate issued by ACT.

The WorkKeys assessment system is also often used by employers and organizations to assess prospective or current employees in many workforce skills areas. If you are representing an organization that is interested in using WorkKeys please contact us for more information.

To learn more about these assessments, please read through the information below.  Please note that WorkKeys Assessment is unavailable at Main Campus during Final Exams Weeks during the fall and spring semesters. Click here to view the JJC Academic Calendar.


Assessment Locations

WorkKeys assessment is available at City Center Campus, Main Campus, and the Morris Education Center.  Click here to learn more about scheduling an appointment. 

Calculator Usage

ACT permits examinees to use a calculator on the Applied Mathematics assessment but not on any of the other assessments.  Use of a calculator is optional.  The calculator on the computer may NOT be used during testing.  Any four-function, scientific, or graphic calculators may be used, unless it is specifically prohibited as described below.  Click here to ensure your calculator meets ACT standards.

Special Accommodations

Examinees with documented physical or mental disabilities who cannot complete the WorkKeys assessments under standard conditions or using standard materials may, at the discretion of the test supervisor and following his or her review of disability documentation, may be tested under special conditions and/ or use special testing materials available from ACT.

Accommodations for paper and pencil testing authorized by the test supervisor, following ACT guidelines and with proper documentation, may include:

  • the use of special testing materials provided by ACT, such as:
    • large-print test booklets
    • large-print answer documents
    • captioned videotapes
    • Braille versions of the assessments
    • reader scripts
  • the use of a sign-language interpreter to sign test items and response choices in Exact English Signing (usually by signing from a regular-print test booklet)
  • assistance in recording responses (may include a large-print answer document)
  • the use of word-to-word foreign language dictionaries
  • testing under extended testing time

The use of testing aids, translation of test items, or interpretation of test items by means other than those provided by ACT is not considered an acceptable accommodation.  Examples of accommodations that are not acceptable include providing translation or interpretation of test items, using electronic screen readers, allowing the use of dictionaries with word definitions, or allowing the use of manipulatives or arithmetic tables.

Steps to Take the Assessment(s)

  1. Schedule an assessment appointment through Workforce Development by calling 815-280-1526.  Specify whether you need a testing accommodation.  Also specify your preferred testing location.
  2. If you need a testing accommodation and you are a JJC student currently taking courses, StAR will provide this assistance.  If you need a testing accommodation and you are not a JJC student currently taking courses, Workforce Development will provide this assistance.
  3. Plan to arrive at your testing center 5-10 minutes before your scheduled test time.
  4. Once you complete testing, you will receive an Interpretation Guide with next steps.
    • If you are taking this test as part of an employment application process, please adhere to the directions provided by your potential/ current employer.  Retesting and preparation options are determined by your employer's recommendations or guidelines.
    • If you are taking this test as a community member and not as part of an employment application process, please follow up with Workforce Development at 815-280-1526 with any questions.
    • If you are taking this assessment as a JJC student currently enrolled in classes and not part of an employment application process, you also have free access to Joliet Junior College career counseling.  Please follow up with Career Services by (1) calling 815-280-2756, (2) emailing, or (3) visiting the Career Services Center at Main Campus in A-1175.  Click here to view their website and learn about other services including Career Exploration and Job Search Assistance.

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