Proctoring for Non-JJC Courses 


Proctored Testing for non-JJC Courses is synonymous with outside proctoring. Please note that the Academic Skills Center does not collect students' homework. Students must submit homework to their instructors.  Please also note that Outside Proctoring is unavailable during Final Exams Weeks during the fall and spring semestersClick here to view the JJC Academic Calendar.

Special Accommodations

A student may request earplugs to block out noise distractions. Students with documented disabilities have the ability to work with the Student Accommodations and Resources (StAR) Department to arrange for further accommodations including screen magnification, Braille, sign language interpreters to help with instructions, large print or audio books, scribes, and trac-balls. To contact the StAR Department, please call (815) 280-2230.

Steps to Take the Test

Speak with your institution about having your test proctored at the Joliet Junior College Academic Skills Center. It is your institution's responsibility to complete the Non-JJC Course Exam Submission Form.

Prior to testing..

1. Student contacts his/her institution about having exam(s) proctored at the Joliet Junior College Academic Skills Center on Main Campus.

2. Student's institution completes the Non-JJC Course Exam Submission FormInstitutions are strongly discouraged to email test submission information to a single ASC staff member as ASC staff work at multiple campuses and may be unavailable during the day of testing.  In order to best serve students, please adhere to these guidelines.  In cases where materials are not submitted appropriately, the ASC cannot be held responsible for turning away testers when materials are not easily accessible.

3. Once the form has been submitted, student and institution will receive separate confirmation emails.

4. Once this email has been received, the student should call the Academic Skills Center to schedule an appointment.  Appointments are available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday when the college is open.  Appointments are only scheduled up to 10 business days in advance.  Drop-in testing is not available for this service.

On the day of testing...

5. Student will check in at the Academic Skills Center in A-1138 10 minutes prior to his/her appointment.  View the Main Campus Map.

6. Student will pay the proctoring fee at Student Accounts and Payments in A-1020.  This office is located across the hallway from the Academic Skills Center.

7. Student will return to the Academic Skills Center with the proctoring test receipt from Student Accounts and Payments, money for postage to mail the completed test if necessary, and one acceptable form of identification; if the student does not have appropriate identification ID, he/she will not be allowed to test.  There are no exceptions to this rule!  Additional identification may be necessary depending on a student's institutional guidelines.

8. Students will place backpack, books, paperwork, food, drink, all electronic devices, and all other personal items in an ASC locker; these are not allowed in the testing area.  If items do not fit, then they must be taken and stored in the student's car.  Earplugs are available upon request.  Click here to see other Academic Skills Center Testing Policies.

9. Student completes test(s).

After testing...

10. Student will contact institution to let them know that exam(s) has been completed.

11. Academic Skills Center will mail, fax, or otherwise return completed test if necessary.

12. Academic Skills Center will shred all examination materials 30 days after testing is completed.  Incomplete exams will be shredded after scheduled testing end date.

Testing Fee

There is a $25.00 charge per exam.  In cases where a student is retakng the same exam, there is still a charge of $25.00 per attempt. Testers are also responsible any postage required to mail a completed test.

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Testing Location

Proctored Testing for non-JJC students is only available at Main Campus.  Scroll down to see the address, contact information, and specific testing hours.

Main Campus
Directions to Main Campus
Academic Skills Center in A-1138 (Campus Center)
1215 Houbolt Road
Joliet, IL 60431

Please notice that scheduling for computer-based exams differs from scheduling for paper-based exams.

Scheduling for Paper-Based Exams


Earliest Time to Start Test

Latest Time to Start Test

Monday 8:00am Dependent on length of test
Tuesday 8:00am Dependent on length of test
Wednesday 8:00am Dependent on length of test
Thursday 8:00am Dependent on length of test
Friday 8:00am Dependent on length of test

Scheduling for Computer-Based Exams


Earliest Time to Start Test

Latest Time to Start Test

Monday 8:00am 4:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am 4:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am 4:00pm
Thursday 8:00am 4:00pm
Friday 8:00am 2:00pm

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Testing Parameters

  • The JJC ASC does not have the ability to download the Respondus program from other institutions.  Alternatives to this method include providing a paper/pencil copy or securing the exam with a password instead of the lockdown browser.
  • The JJC ASC will not allow students to bring in laptops or other electronic devices.
  • The JJC ASC does not have the capability to provide a 1:1 ratio of proctors to testers.  All Outside Proctoring takes place in a large group lab.

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