Proctoring for JJC Courses 


Proctored Testing for JJC Courses is synonymous with make-up testing. Please note that the Academic Skills Center does not collect students' homework. Students must submit homework to their instructors.  The ASC does not have a drop box for tests in the new Campus Center. Please do not slide tests under the door as there is a great deal of student traffic in all ASC areas and the test may be compromised.

Remember that new tests will not be administered one hour prior to closing.  Please plan your testing schedule accordingly.

Helpful Information for JJC Instructors

  • Steps to submitting a test online
    1. Log into the myJJC Portal.
    2. Under the "My Links" box in the upper right side of the screen, select "Exam Submission Tutorial for ASC."
    3. If this is your first time, please take a moment to view the brief tutorial.
    4. If you are familiar with the process, select "Makeup Test Submission," in the upper left side of the screen and fill out the form.
  • ASC makeup testing policies
    • It is not the policy of the Academic Skills Center (ASC) to proctor tests for an entire class. Due to space and staffing constraints, this service was designed to assist each instructor with a few students each semester. Instructors who abuse this privilege may be denied this service
    • The ASC is for make-up testing only. The ASC does not accept take-home tests, homework, or any type of hand-outs to be turned in.
    • It is instructor's responsibility to inform the student when the test will be available in the ASC as well as what materials are allowed and required.
    • If an ASC staff member observes a student cheating on any quiz or test, all testing and unauthorized materials will be confiscated. The Dean of Students and the tester's instructor will be notified immediately. The student may be banned from testing in the ASC for a period of time following a cheating incident.
    • If a special answer sheet or scantron is needed, please include it with the test. The ASC does provide pencils and scratch paper.
    • The ASC will ensure that students have the appropriate amount of time to complete their testing. If an instructor indicates on the Makeup Testing Form that a student should have three hours to complete an exam, then the student will be permitted to begin the exam no later than three hours before the ASC closes.
    • Exams may be returned to the instructor or department secretary through interoffice mail or the instructor or department secretary may choose to pick them up; note the preferred method of return on the Makeup Testing Form. We will not mail tests to an instructor's home address. Tests marked for pickup by the instructor will be returned through interoffice mail if not picked up within two weeks of completion by the student. All expired tests submitted online via the myJJC Portal will be deleted. The instructor may resubmit these tests to the ASC.
    • Please remind students that children are not permitted in the ASC.

Transition Plan

The College has been rolling out the online test submission process since November 2010. Between July 1, 2011 and June 27, 2012, the Academic Skills Center received 3,248 submissions.  While the original plan was to end paper submissions on Monday, August 22, 2011, and then again on Monday, March 12, 2012, the college extended this deadline to Monday, June 4, 2012.  The ASC will offer on-the-spot assistance with scanning and/or uploading the paper exam into the portal. Additionally, the ASC can be flexible beyond that date for extenuating circumstances.

If an instructor chooses to hand-deliver a paper exam to the ASC, they will have access to a scanner as well as a quick training session with an ASC staff member.  ASC staff members will work with an instructor to submit the exam electronically via the portal. Instructors should not slide tests under the office door. Submissions through the mail and those slid the under office doors result in lost opportunities to educate the instructors on the portal submission process.

To date, the college has provided numerous transitional resources to aid instructors with the processes including:

  1. Posting an online tutorial video (posted October 2010),
  2. Providing instructional sheets to all department chairs and the adjunct faculty office (emailed August 2011),
  3. Providing daily assistance by ASC staff in person, online, and over the phone (ongoing since October 2010),
  4. Presenting information to the Adjunct Faculty Union (April 2011),
  5. Speaking with the VP of Academic Affairs as well as the Deans of Arts and Sciences and Allied Health/CTE (September 2011),
  6. Speaking at the Chairs Council Meeting (September 2011), and
  7. Presenting at an Adjunct Faculty Seminar (February 2012). 

The purpose of this procedural change has always been to create a more efficient and student-friendly process. This sustainable change allows the ASC to better respond to instructor and student questions about complete or incomplete exams. Online submissions mean the ASC can expand makeup testing to other campuses thus providing greater student and faculty convenience. Other benefits of this service are listed below.

Benefits of Online Submission

Faculty benefits

  1. Instructors are instantly notified via JJC email about (un)successful submissions.
  2. Instructors are notified via email when test is completed.
  3. Instructors are notified via email when test is expired.
  4. Instructors can go online and change their expiration dates.
  5. Instructors dictate the expiration dates.
  6. Instructors can submit an exam from home or anywhere with Internet access.
  7. Instructors are not limited in terms of the number of exams they can submit.
  8. Instructors do not need to provide the ASC with any lead time prior to submitting an exam and making it available for a student.
  9. Instructors do not need to pick up or receive expired exams.
  10. Instructors will never receive a "returned and incomplete exam" because of missing information.

Student benefits

  1. Students can be quickly served even if they do not know their course or instructor name.
  2. Tests are never "lost" in the mail.
  3. Students are never turned away because of incomplete form information (i.e. student last name, misspelled student names, expiration dates, materials to be used, time limits, etc.)
  4. Students are notified via JJC email that a test is available.
  5. Students are notified via JJC email that a test has expired.
  6. Tests cannot be misfiled.
  7. Students will be able to retrieve test at multiple campuses.

Academic Skills Center benefits

  1. Students are quickly and easily served as ASC staff can search for tests by instructor name, student name, or course name.
  2. Instructor phone calls are dramatically reduced in terms of (1) inquiring about missing information, (2) informing instructors that an exam has been taken or has expired and is ready for pickup, and (3) manually changing expiration dates on the handwritten submissions.
  3. Makeup tests are more secure as they are only accessible to ASC staff.
  4. Makeup tests are stored electronically and only printed when needed.
  5. ASC can print the tests in different colors each week which is a best testing practice to avoid students bringing in unauthorized materials. For example, one instructor always printed his tests on yellow paper. Students anticipated this and began sneaking in notes on yellow paper as it blended with the test.
  6. ASC staff can spend more time proctoring exams instead of processing expired test paperwork.

Special Accommodations

A student may request earplugs to block out noise distractions. Students with documented disabilities have the ability to work with the Student Accommodations and Resources (StAR) Department to arrange for further accommodations including screen magnification, Braille, sign language interpreters to help with instructions, large print or audio books, scribes, and trac-balls. To contact the StAR Department, please call (815) 280-2230.

Steps to Take the Test

  1. Speak with your instructor about having your make-up test proctored at the Academic Skills Center.
  2. Ask your instructor to submit the test and Makeup Testing Form (myJJC Portal) to the Academic Skills Center.
  3. Speak with the Student Accommodations and Resources (StAR) Department if you need special accommodations.
  4. Arrive at the testing center with one acceptable form of identification; if you do not have appropriate identification, you will not be allowed to test. There are no exceptions to this rule! No appointment is necessary.
  5. Place your backpack, books, paperwork, food, drink, all electronic devices, and all other personal items in an ASC locker; these are not allowed in the testing area. If items do not fit, then they must be taken and stored in your car. Earplugs are available upon request. Click here to see other Academic Skills Center Testing Policies.
  6. Dependent on the length of your test, plan to arrive at the testing center so as to allow yourself enough time to complete your test. For example, if you are allowed two hours to complete your test, you must arrive at the testing center no later than two hours before closing.
  7. Complete your test(s). Testing must be completed in one sitting.

Testing Locations

Proctored Testing for JJC students is available at Main Campus and the Morris Education Center. No appointment is necessary, however you must allow yourself enough time to complete your test; for example if you are allowed two hours to complete your test you must arrive at the testing center no later than two hours before closing. Scroll down to see the address and contact information.

Main Campus
Directions to Main Campus
Academic Skills Center in A-1138
1215 Houbolt Road
Joliet, IL 60431

Morris Education Center
Directions to Morris Education Center
1715 North Division
Morris, IL 60450
Phone: (815) 942-1552
Testing available on Fridays from 8:00am - 3:00pm

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