Who can access myJJC?

myJJC requires using your JJC username and password to login. See the ID/Username/Password Help page for more information about JJC user accounts.

Logging into the portal requires that you put joliet\ in front of your username.

Why should I use myJJC?

myJJC provides important customized information in one easy to check spot. View your class schedule, register and pay for classes, see how many unread email messages you have, view your grades, and receive important communications and notifications.

How does myJJC relate to email?

Your myJJC home page conveniently displays the number of unread email messages you have.

To access your email, click on the "unread messages" text on your myJJC home page to open a link to your email.

Learn more about JJC email accounts at

What is single sign-on (SSO) and why should I set it up?

Single sign-on means you only need to sign into to myJJC to access many Web features without needing to repeat signing in for those features.  You can easily access your Live@edu account (or for staff and faculty your Outlook email calendar and number of unread messages) and iCampus powered by ANGEL through myJJC without having to login a second time. 

In order to access iCampus without needing to login again, you will need to set up single sign-on to iCampus. 

  1. Click on where it says "Click here to save your credentials for iCampus (one time only)."
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Keep the "sign in automatically" box checked
  4. Click OK.

Once single sign-on is set up, it will remain set up each time you login in to myJJC, making it easy to access other online features.

Is myJJC tied to the JJC Emergency Alert Notifications?

No. Although myJJC will contain important announcements and event information, it is not the same as JJC Alert. JJC alert will send important information regarding campus closings due to weather and other college emergencies to your cell phone or home phone. Manage your JJC Emergency Alerts.

Why am I getting the message "SSO credentials for user "JOLIET\username" could not be found in application 'Exchange Email'. Enter your credentials"?

This message occurs for staff when single sign-on to the Outlook email is not set up. Click on the text "enter your credentials" and enter your login information to set up single sign on.

How do I access iCampus through myJJC?

Click on the "Login to iCampus" button on the top right of your myJJC home page. You will first need to set up single sign-on in order to access iCampus through myJJC. This means entering your username and password and leaving "sign in automatically" checked".  That way, whenever you are logged inot the portal, you can use the "Login to iCampus" button to go directly to iCampus without logging in again.

How can I add events to the calendar on myJJC?

The calendar view in the myJJC Portal pulls events directly from your Live@edu email calendar. You can add entries in the portal by adding entries to your calendar in your Live@edu email.

What if I recieve an "Error: Access Denied" message or a white page with an error message?

There may be an issue with how your account is set up to access myJJC. Please contact the Student 24/7 Technical Support at (866) 281-3638 for help.

Didn't find the answer to your question?
See the Student 24/7 Technical Support Web Site or call (866) 281-3638.

myJJC Staff/Faculty FAQ

Is myJJC different for staff and faculty?

Staff and faculty have a separate customized home page within myJJC. Also specific information listed under "Faculty/Staff Resources" is only available to faculty and staff. A benefit of myJJC is that information can be targeted depending on whether you are a staff/faculty member or a student.

Why should I use myJJC as a faculty or staff member?

myJJC serves as the college’s intranet. Important online forms and essential information are available exclusively within myJJC. Many of these are located beneath the "Faculty/Staff Resources" tab along the top of your myJJC home page. This tab only appears for faculty and staff members.

Will myJJC be replacing public folders?

Yes, eventually much of the resources within public folders will be moved within the portal.

Does myJJC contain Datatel Colleague?

When Datatel Colleague UI is launched to the college it will be available exclusively through the myJJC Portal (Datatel Colleague is currently not available in the Portal).

What if I’m both a staff/faculty member and a JJC Student?

If you are a JJC employee and also enrolled in credit courses, you will see two options under the "Home" tab along the top purple navigation bar. One option says "Faculty/Staff" and the other "Student". Use these links to switch between the two. The Faculty/Staff home page will always show up first.

Does myJJC replace Outlook?

No. Outlook is used to send and receive email. myJJC will display how many unread messages you have in your Outlook account as well as any appointments scheduled in your personal Outlook calendar. You will still need to access your email account separately to read and send email.

Is myJJC available from off campus internet connections?

Yes. myJJC is available from off campus internet connections, either by clicking on the icon on the home page or going directly to

What if I recieve an "Error: Access Denied" message or a white page with an error message?

There may be an issue with how your account is set up to access myJJC. Please contact the Helpdesk at (815) 280-2222 .

Faculty and Staff who need myJJC technical support can call (815) 280-2222 or dial 2222 from any campus phone.