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The focus of the JJC Interior Design program is to help prepare graduates to take the National Council of Interior Design Qualification (N.C.I.D.Q.) exam, which is required to be licensed as a professional interior designer in the State of Illinois.

The theoretical portion of the program includes a study of the elements and principles of design, textiles, color, history of furniture/interiors, codes pertaining to residential and commercial interiors, marketing and business practices in interior design. These principles are applied in laboratory experience to the design of a space plan, elevations, perspective drawings and material/finish selections within the interior space.

Sophomore students in the JJC Interior Design program, who are eligible, are placed in internship positions. Internships provide valuable work experience and sales training across all facets of the field. This training opportunity, offered through the course INTD 211 is a definite advantage when seeking permanent employment.

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NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath) is an organization which promotes excellence, ethical business practices, leadership, direction for the Kitchen and Bath Industry worldwide. There are 40,000 industry professionals and 70 NKBA chapters in the U.S. and Canada.

The Interior Design program at JJC applied for and received "supported" status from NKBA in June, 2008. After an in-depth review of our program and a 3-day, onsite evaluation by a NKBA accreditation team in March, 2009, our program received "accredited" status in June, 2009, for a 5-year period. This is the highest level of accreditation given by NKBA. Our program is the 44th NKBA Accredited Interior Design or Kitchen and Bath curriculum in U.S. colleges or universities and only the 4th in the state of Illinois.

This accreditation will help to build our Interior Design student enrollment, give our students access to more job opportunities, and give recognition to the quality of the Interior Design Program at Joliet Junior College.

The accreditation of the Joliet Junior College Interior Design program with NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) has been our goal for a long time. The Interior Design Faculty and I are very proud to offer our students this further testament to the high quality of this program.

For more information contact Oksana Alfredson, Associate Professor of Interior Design, at (815) 280-2253 or