iCampus Main Office
Main Campus: J-4045
Phone: (815) 280-6613
Fax: (815) 280-6603
Email: iCampus@jjc.edu

iCampus Technology Center for Teaching and Learning
Main Campus: J-4019
Phone: (815) 280-2481
Email: iCampusTechCenter@jjc.edu
Support Email: iCampusHelp@jjc.edu

24/7 Technical Support Hotline:
(866) 281-3638

Getting Started

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Register for Courses

See the how to register page for information on registering for courses.  If you need help registering, contact the registration office at registration@jjc.edu.

Username and Password

Student's who don't have their JJC username and password should go to the ID / User Name / Password Help page. iCampus usernames do not include 'joliet\' or '@stu.jjc.edu'

How do I login to iCampus Powered By Canvas?

Go to the iCampus powered by Canvas website, and fill in your username and password, then click the Log In button.

Remember: courses on iCampus may not be visible to students until the course start date.

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Student Orientation to Online Learning

All students enrolled in iCampus courses (online and blended courses) must complete the mandatory "Student Orientation to Online Learning" prior to being able to participate in online and blended course(s) within iCampus powered by Canvas. Once students have registered for at least one iCampus course, a link to the orientation will be displayed within the My Courses list on the Courses menu. The ability to participate in online and blended courses is unlocked upon successful completion of the orientation. Students are only required to complete the full orientation once regardless of how many courses they have registered for. There is no need to retake the full orientation in subsequent semesters. Items within the orientation become accessible once all requirements of the previous module have been met. 

Students who have completed an online orientation prior to summer 2014 will need to take the new orientation in iCampus powered by Canvas.

Start the Student Orientation to Online Learning now.

Please note: Only courses that have already been made available by the instructor appear in the "Courses" menu. Courses are made available by the course start date.

It is strongly recommended that students complete this online Student Orientation to Online Learning prior to the start date of the course. It is the student's responsibility to complete all orientation requirements in a timely manner.

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Where do I find information about my iCampus courses before the course is made available?

Students may contact their instructor by email with questions regarding specific course content, class procedures, and if applicable, on campus meeting information.

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