Hiring & Employment of SURS Annuitants

"Return to Work" legislation (40 ILCS 5/15-139.5) was enacted in August 2012. In order to comply with the State of Illinois Return to Work law, a new employment procedure has been established for all JJC retirees and all other State University Retirement System annuitants.

Prospective Employees and Current Employees must now:

  • Report if he or she qualifies as a SURS annuitant including whether the individual qualifies as an affected annuitant on employment applications;
  • Provide HR with a copy of the annuitants’ Certification of Retirement Annuity Form; and
  • Report his/her post-retirement employment with any SURS Covered Employer.

Employees must also:

Report any changes to HR in the employee’s annuitant status, earnings limitations, or post-retirement employment status with a SURS Covered Employer.

Departments must, prior to offering employment to a SURS annuitant:

  • Contact HR to obtain a cost analysis prior to extending an offer of employment to a SURS annuitant.  HR will verify and that a prospective employee’s earnings are less than the applicable salary earnings limitations.  HR will advise the hiring manager of the outcome of the analysis.  If the anticipated compensation exceeds the earnings limitations, employment may be denied.
  • Obtain VP, Dean and/or Director (where applicable) approval prior to offering employment to a SURS annuitant.

Human Resources will coordinate JJC’s Return to Work processes by:

  • Monitoring if JJC employee’s become affected annuitants by tracking the number of paid weeks and the 40% threshold;
  • Monitoring extra-help appointments;
  • Verifying a SURS annuitant’s status;
  • Verifying that an annuitant’s earnings are less than the statutory earnings limitation; and
  • Reporting required data to SURS.

Please refer to the Return to Work Summary for a complete explanation and to confirm financial implications; ignorance of this law could result in a bill equal to a year’s annuity payments for an annuitant.

Any potential employee who is receiving an annuity from SURS or retiree who formerly worked for JJC must complete SURS-Annual Certification Statement PRIOR TO EMPLOYMENT BEING OFFERED. Please utilize the below resources when applying to JJC.

All applicants must complete a JJC application for employment.

2013 ‘Return to Work’ Summary 
Illinois Pension Code (40 ILCS 5/) -- Scroll down to Section 5/15-139.5
SURS-Annual Certification Statement
SURS Covered Employers