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Workforce Investment Act

What is WIA?

This Act provides financial assistance for education and training so that individuals can re-enter the workforce in jobs that will allow them to financially support themselves and their families. WIA funding is designed to train people in short-term certificate or associates degree programs that will make them more marketable for occupations that are in high growth within the local area. By training the workforce in these high growth areas, workers are more likely to find better paying jobs and employers are more likely to have their staffing needs fulfilled.

View the complete list of approved training program at Joliet Junior College and click on Consumer Info.

Eligibility for Funding

Training and education programs are provided through Joliet Junior College as well as other community colleges and private training institutions.

Training Eligibility

Recognize yourself in any of these scenarios? You may be eligible if you:

  • Were laid-off, downsized, or company went out of business
  • Unemployed and struggling to find a job
  • Job searching for a long time with little or no results
  • Underpaid, underemployed or under trained
  • Your education or skills don’t match your career interest
  • Self-employed for many years and now faced with looking for new employment
  • Youth ages 18-21 years and in need of education or training beyond high school


WIA Training funding is available to those who are determined eligible. To find out more about eligibility requirements for training funding you can contact:

Will County:
Please call Workforce Services Division of Will County at (815) 727-4444 or visit

Grundy County:
Please call Grundy Workforce Services at (815) 942-0566 or to register for a WIA Orientation, click here. 

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Connect2Employment (C2E) is a program for youth ages 16-21 who meet WIA eligibility, can participate in work readiness and leadership sessions including: interactive interviewing, goal setting, communication, career exploration, stress management, job shadowing, basic skills, conflict resolution, and much more. No cost to Will County eligible youth.

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Transitioning Young Adults

The Transitioning Young Adults (TYA) program offers Grundy County youth ages 16-21 continuous support through career guidance, employment, and internship opportunities, GED support and vocational training. Participants will receive training and services leading to self-sufficiency. TYA is funded under the federal Workforce Investment Act and the Grundy Livingston Kankakee Workforce Board. No cost to Grundy County eligible youth.

My Future

The My Future program is open to youth ages 17-21 who have earned their high school diploma or GED and meet income eligibility guidelines. My Future provides occupational training in high growth-high demand occupations in Will County. Services include: FREE occupational skills training, career assessments, one-on-one and small group mentoring and academic advising, work readiness workshops, and placement into employment.  For more information, click here or call Karlie Cooper at 815-280-1509 or email

Career Certified

Career Certified addresses: soft skills; leadership skills; and cognitive skills so adults alike have the foundational skills to be prosperous. Work readiness includes specific work-related skills that adults need in order to be successful in the workplace. These skills are generally thought of as life skills with a strong work focus, including areas such as: work-related health and safety, work habits and conduct; personal leadership at work; communicating with others; team work and collaboration at work; rights and responsibilities of workers and employers; and customer service.

To enhance training, personal assessments will be utilized throughout the programs. Personal assessments have proven to be an effective tool for improving the management of an organization and helping employees identify strengths and areas of opportunity. They provide an accurate analysis of employee's behaviors and attitudes otherwise left to subjective judgment. This analysis is essential to gain a competitive advantage in today's tight job market. Relevant personal assessments for youth and adult programs will include the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Talent, Fit, Performance, StrengthsQuest and Strong.

In addition to soft skills, the work readiness program will assess foundational skills such as: Reading for Information; Applied Mathematics; Business Writing; and Locating Information. Curriculum will incorporate preparation for ACT, Inc.’s National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) Plus and administering WorkKeys® assessments. The NCRC Plus is an ideal tool for ensuring that individuals have the essential skills they need for the workplace today while earning a national portable certification. These tough economic times call for clear pathways to skills in demand to help new and transitioning workers prepare for good jobs.  

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