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Coal City area women met Saturday, April 18, 2009, at the Coal City High School to learn a valuable lesson that could just save a life.  These women joined a specially designed hands-on self defense course aimed at teaching women techniques to defend themselves no matter what their size.

“This seminar highlighted some basic, yet effective, self defense techniques that offer options to individuals of any size or strength. The most important goal of any self defense training is to reach a higher level of self confidence that will allow individuals to make decisive actions in the event of a threatening situation,” said Brian Thompson, self defense instructor. “It was a great opportunity to highlight the need for self defense in an effective and practical way. Participants walked away with a basic understanding of avoiding and escaping potentially harmful situations.”

A collaborative effort between The Coal City Junior Woman’s club and Joliet Junior College was the driving force behind this seminar.  “Partnerships is the behind the scenes theme for this seminar,” said Brenda Large Joliet Junior College Personal Enrichment Coordinator. 

Large was contacted by Tracy Norris of the Coal City Jr. Woman’s Club who was interested in providing a self defense seminar for ladies in the Coal City community.  Thompson, a JJC Alumni, and Large had recently met through Alumni Relations and discussed potential community education classes for the Summer Semester.  Large immediately thought of Thompson as an instructor who would design and lead the seminar catered specifically for women. 

“It is especially rewarding to see the efforts of the partnerships involved deliver such a valuable seminar to the women of this community” said Large.  Norris agreed, and she shared the following comments.  “The class was fantastic.  Brian is a great instructor.  I only wish I could have gotten more people there.  Although, I think we attendees probably benefited from the smaller class size and individual attention.  Let’s just say I learned a lot of useful information, as well as some moves that hopefully I will never have to make use of.”

For more information, contact Brenda Large at 815-280-1504 or e-mail

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