Career Self Assessment

The first step in career decision making is self assessment. Professional career counselors are available to help you identify your interests, values, and skills and how they are suitable to various occupations. Understanding what is needed in your work environment will enable you to feel satisfied with your job. Individuals who can describe themselves to a potential employer in terms of their skills are more likely to find the job they want and will enjoy. Our counselors are available by appointment to help you with this important process.

If you decide to do your career planning on your own, it may be tempting to skip the Self-Assessment and go directly to finding a job.

Consider these questions:

  • Are you qualified for any of these jobs?
  • If not, will it still be a good job by the time you are done training for it?
  • Will this occupation satisfy your needs (salary, location, hours)?
  • Will you even like the job? If you take a job only because it is available and perhaps pays well, how long will you stay with it if it is not enjoyable?

Take some time now to find out what you like to do and what is important to you in a job. It is easy, fun, and may save you future career changes as well as time and money spent on education or training. As a JJC student you have access to career counselors who can offer you assessment tools that are appropriate for you your need.  Below is an assessment that you can do right now.  Just follow the link.

What's Next Illinois

Use this career planning tool to learn about yourself and explore careers. This resource is useful for high school and college students as well as adults seeking new career options.

The Portfolio system can help you with your career and college planning. When you create your account and sign in, the system will:

· Show you tools and resources that are appropriate to your grade or stage of life;

· Save your work so you can return and pick up where you left off;

· Provide you with a lifelong portfolio to help with future career transitions;

· Make suggestions based on your previous work.