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  Fall 2016 Business Department Classes       Text Box: Business Department                 Fall 2016 Classes                                                                                                                                  

ACCY 100 020Intro to AccountingTR08:00A 09:15A3Main 
ACCY 100 320Intro to AccountingW07:00P 09:40P3Main 
ACCY 101 060Accounting IMW09:00A 10:40A4Main 
ACCY 101 100Accounting ITR10:00A 11:40A4Main 
ACCY 101 180Accounting ITR12:00P 01:40P4Main 
ACCY 101 320Accounting IW06:00P 09:30P4Main 
ACCY 101 330Accounting IR06:00P 09:30P4Main 
ACCY 101 400Accounting ITR11:00A 12:40P4Romeoville 
ACCY 101 660Accounting IW06:00P 09:30P4Romeoville 
ACCY 101 870Accounting IS08:00A 12:00P4Mainlate start 9/10/16
ACCY 101 FEC1Accounting IT06:00P 09:15P4Frankfort Ed. Center 
​ACCY 101 MEC1​Accounting I​MW​04:00P  6:40P​4​Morris Ed. Center
ACCY 101 Q1Accounting IF09:00A 10:50A4Main 
ACCY 101 Q2Accounting ITR01:00P 02:40P4Main1st 8-wks
ACCY 101 Q3 Accounting IMW11:00A 12:15P4Main 
ACCY 101 Q7Accounting IM04:00P 5:45P4Main 
ACCY 101 W1Accounting I   4Online Class W/Visits 
ACCY 101 W2Accounting I   4Online Class W/Visits 
ACCY 102 220 Accounting IIMW01:00P 02:40P4Main 
ACCY 102 310 Accounting IIT06:00P 09:40P4Main 
ACCY 102 660 Accounting IIM06:00P 09:30P4Romeoville 
ACCY 102 Q1 Accounting IITR01:00P 02:40P4Main2nd 8-wks
ACCY 102 Q2 Accounting IITR09:35A 10:50A4Main 
ACCY 102 Q3 Accounting IITR09:35A 10:50A4Romeoville 
ACCY 102 W1 Accounting II  4Online Class W/Visits 
ACCY 103 300 Intermediate Accy IM06:30P 09:50P4Main 
ACCY 104 330 Cost AccountingR07:00P 09:40P3Main 
ADV 101 100 Principles in AdvertMWF10:00A 10:50A3Main 
BLAW 101 021 Business Law ITR08:00A 09:15A3Main 
BLAW 101 060 Business Law IMWF09:00A 09:50A3Main 
BLAW 101 061 Business Law ITR09:35A 10:50A3Main 
BLAW 101 140 Business Law ITR11:00A 12:15P3Main 
BLAW 101 180 Business Law IMWF12:00P 12:50P3Main 
BLAW 101 220 Business Law ITR01:00P 02:15P3Main 
BLAW 101 300 Business Law IM07:00P 09:40P3Main 
BLAW 101 370 Business Law IS09:00A 11:50A3Main 
BLAW 101 400 Business Law ITR08:00A 09:15A3Romeoville 
BLAW 101 670 Business Law IM07:00P 09:40P3Romeoville 
​BLAW 101 MEC1​Business Law I​W​07:00P  09:40P​3​Morris Ed. Center
​BLAW 101 FEC1​Business Law I​R​07:00P 09:50P​3​Frankfort Ed Center
BLAW 101 W1 Business Law I  3Online Class 
BLAW 101 W2Business Law I  3Online Class1st 8-wks
BLAW 102 140 Business Law IIMWF11:00A 11:50A3Main 
BLAW 102 320 Business Law IIW07:00P 09:50P3Main 
BLAW 120 300 Legal Aspects/HealthM04:00P 06:40P3Main 
BUS 101 060​Intro to BusinessTR09:35A 10:50A3Main 
BUS 101 020 Intro to BusinessF08:00A 10:40A3Main 
BUS 101 100 Intro to BusinessMWF10:00A 10:50A3Main 
BUS 101 180 Intro to BusinessTR12:35P 01:50P3Main 
BUS 101 250 Intro to BusinessW02:00P 04:50P3Main 
BUS 101 300 Intro to BusinessM07:00P 09:40P3Main 
BUS 101 680 Intro to BusinessS09:00A 12:15P3RomeovilleLate Start 9/10/16
BUS 101 800 Intro to BusinessMW03:00P 04:40P3MainLate Start 9/7/16
BUS 101 Q1 Intro to BusinessTR01:00P 02:15P3Romeoville1st 8-wks
BUS 101 Q2 Intro to BusinessR07:00P 09:50P3Romeoville2nd 8-wks
BUS 101 Q3 Intro to BusinessT07:00P 09:40P3Main1st 8-wks
BUS 101 Q5 Intro to BusinessW12:00P 02:30P3Main1st 8-wks
​BUS 101 FEC1​Intro to Business​W​07:00P  09:40P​3​Frankfort Ed. Center
​BUS 101 MEC1​Intro to Business​MW​12:00P 01:15P​3​Morris Ed. Center
BUS 101 W1Intro to Business  3Online Class 
BUS 101 W2Intro to Business  3Online Class 
BUS 101 W3Intro to Business  3Online Class2nd 8-wks
BUS 110 060 Prin of Cust Serv M09:00A 11:40A3Main 
BUS 110 320 Prin of Cust ServW06:00P 08:50P3Main 
BUS 111 100 Prin of Bus CommMWF10:00A 10:50A3Main 
BUS 111 W1 Prin of Bus Comm  3Online Class 
BUS 111 W2 Prin of Bus Comm  3Online Class1st 8-wks
BUS 205 220 Business StatisticsTR01:00P 02:40P4Main 
BUS 205 310 Business StatisticsT06:00P 09:20P4Main 
BUS 211 39 Business Internship  4  
CRJ 100 060 Intro to Criminal JustTR09:35A 10:50A3Main 
CRJ 100 061 Intro to Criminal JustMWF09:00A 09:50A3Main 
CRJ 100 100 Intro to Criminal JustMWF10:00A 10:50A3Main 
CRJ 100 140 Intro to Criminal JustTR11:00A 12:15P3Main 
CRJ 100 141 Intro to Criminal JustMWF11:00A 11:50A3Main 
CRJ 100 320 Intro to Criminal JustW07:00P 09:40P3Main 
CRJ 100 400 Intro to Criminal JustTR09:35A 10:50A3Romeoville 
CRJ 100 800 Intro to Criminal JustTR08:00A 09:30A3MainLate Start 9/6/16
CRJ 100 Q1 Intro to Criminal JustTR02:00P 03:15P3Main1st 8-wks
CRJ 100 W1Intro to Criminal Just  3Online Class 
CRJ 105 141 Intro to CorrectionsMWF11:00A 11:50A3Main 
CRJ 105 Q1 Intro to CorrectionsTR02:00P 03:15P3Main2nd 8-wks
CRJ 105 W1 Intro to Corrections  3Online Class 
CRJ 105 W2 Intro to Corrections  3Online Class 
CRJ 110 060 Intro to Law EnforceMWF09:00A 09:50A3Main 
CRJ 110 061 Intro to Law EnforceTR09:35A 10:50A3Main 
CRJ 110 100 Intro to Law EnforceMWF10:00A 10:50A3Main 
CRJ 110 140 Intro to Law EnforceMWF11:00A 11:50A3Main 
CRJ 110 141 Intro to Law EnforceTR11:00A 12:15P3Main 
CRJ 110 310 Intro to Law EnforceT07:00P 09:30P3Main 
CRJ 110 400 Intro to Law EnforceTR11:00A 12:15P3Romeoville 
CRJ 110 W1Intro to Law Enforce  3Online Class 
CRJ 110 W2Intro to Law Enforce  3Online Class 
CRJ 120 141 Juvenile DelinquencyTR11:00A 12:15P3Main 
CRJ 120 250Juvenile Delinquency​W​2:00P  4:40P​3​Main
CRJ 120 W1Juvenile Delinquency  3Online Class 
CRJ 130 060 Criminal LawTR09:35A 10:50A3Main 
CRJ 130 140 Criminal LawMWF11:00A 11:50A3Main 
CRJ 130 141 Criminal LawTR11:00A 12:15P3Main 
CRJ 130 250 Criminal LawTR02:00P 04:50P3Main1st 8-wks
CRJ 130 330 Criminal LawR07:00P 09:40P3Main 
CRJ 130 W1Criminal Law  3Online Class 
CRJ 150 220 Internship-CriminalM01:00P 02:00P3Main 
CRJ 200 060 CriminologyMWF09:00A 09:50A3Main 
CRJ 200 140 CriminologyMWF11:00A 11:50A3Main 
CRJ 200 320 CriminologyW07:00P 09:50P3Main 
CRJ 200 W1Criminology  3Online Class 
CRJ 200 W2Criminology  3Online Class 
CRJ 205 180 Evidence/Criminal PrTR12:35P 01:50P3Main 
CRJ 205 320 Evidence/Criminal PrW07:00P 09:50P3Main 
CRJ 205 800 Evidence/Criminal PrTR02:00P 04:50P3Main2nd 8-wks
CRJ 205 W1 Evidence/Criminal Pr  3Online Class 
CRJ 210 250​Intro to CRJ Research​M​2:00P 4:40P​3​Main
CRJ 215 800​Probation & Parole​MW​12:00P 1:40P​3​Main​Late Start 9/12/16
CRJ 215 250 Probation & ParoleW02:00P 04:40P3Main 
CRJ 220 180 Const Law & Due ProcMWF12:00P 12:50P3Main 
CRJ 220 W1Const Law & Due Proc  3Online Class 
CRJ 220 W2Const Law & Due Proc  3Online Class 
CRJ 225 250​Criminal Investigation​T​3:20P 5:50P​3​Main
CRJ 230 310 Intro CriminalisticsT04:00P 06:30P3Main 
CRJ 240 39 Traffic Admin/Contro  3Independent studyI.S.
CRJ 250 W1 Law Enf Org & Admin  3Online Class 
CRJ 270 320​Law Enf &the Media ​W​5:00P 6:40P​2​Main
ECON 103 020 Prin Econ I-MacroMWF08:00A 08:50A3Main
ECON 103 021 Prin Econ I-MacroTR08:00A 09:15A3Main 
ECON 103 022 Prin Econ I-MacroTR08:00A 09:15A3Main 
ECON 103 062 Prin Econ I-MacroTR09:35A 10:50A3Main 
ECON 103 100 Prin Econ I-MacroMWF10:00A 10:50A3Main 
ECON 103 101 Prin Econ I-MacroMWF10:00A 10:50A3Main 
ECON 103 140 Prin Econ I-MacroMWF11:00A 11:50A3Main 
ECON 103 141 Prin Econ I-MacroTR11:00A 12:15P3Main 
ECON 103 181 Prin Econ I-MacroTR12:35P 01:50P3Main 
ECON 103 183 Prin Econ I-MacroMW12:00P 01:15P3Main 
ECON 103 220 Prin Econ I-MacroTR01:00P 02:15P3Main 
ECON 103 250 Prin Econ I-MacroW02:30P 05:20P3Main 
ECON 103 330 Prin Econ I-MacroR07:00P 09:40P3Main 
ECON 103 370 Prin Econ I-MacroS09:00A 11:50A3Main 
ECON 103 400 Prin Econ I-MacroMWF09:00A 09:50A3Romeoville 
ECON 103 670 Prin Econ I-MacroT07:00P 09:30P3Romeoville 
ECON 103 800 Prin Econ I-MacroF09:00A 12:00P3MainLate Start 9/9/16
ECON 103 801 Prin Econ I-MacroTR08:00A 09:30A3MainLate Start 9/6/16
ECON 103 LCS1 Prin Econ I-MacroT07:00P 09:30P3Frankfort LWCE
ECON 103 Q1 Prin Econ I-MacroM12:00P 02:30P3Main1st 8-wks
ECON 103 Q2 Prin Econ I-MacroMWF09:00A 09:50A3Main1st 8-wks
ECON 103 Q3 Prin Econ I-MacroR05:00P 06:15P3Romeoville 
ECON 103 Q4 Prin Econ I-MacroM04:00P 06:00P3Main1st 8-wks
ECON 103 Q5 Prin Econ I-MacroW12:00P 02:30P3Main2nd 8-wks
ECON 103 W1Prin Econ I-Macro  3Online Class 
ECON 103 W2 Prin Econ I-Macro  3Online Class1st 8-wks
ECON 104 061 Prin Econ II-MicroTR09:35A 10:50A3Main 
ECON 104 100 Prin Econ II-MicroMWF10:00A 10:50A3Main 
ECON 104 140 Prin Econ II-MicroTR11:00A 12:15P3Main 
ECON 104 180 Prin Econ II-MicroMWF12:00P 12:50P3Main 
ECON 104 250 Prin Econ II-MicroW02:00P 04:50P3Main 
ECON 104 300 Prin Econ II-MicroM07:00P 09:40P3Main 
ECON 104 400 Prin Econ II-MicroMWF10:00A 10:50A3Romeoville 
ECON 104 Q1 Prin Econ II-MicroM12:00P 02:30P3Main2nd 8-wks
ECON 104 Q2 Prin Econ II-MicroMWF09:00A 09:50A3Main2nd 8-wks
ECON 104 Q3 Prin Econ II-MicroM04:00P 06:00P3Main2nd 8-wks
ECON 104 W1 Prin Econ II-Micro  3Online Class 
ECON 104 W2 Prin Econ II-Micro  3Online Class2nd 8-wks
FIN 100 020 Personal FinanceMWF08:00A 08:50A3Main 
FIN 100 060 Personal FinanceMWF09:00A 09:50A3Main 
FIN 100 061 Personal FinanceTR09:35A 10:50A3Main 
FIN 100 220 Personal FinanceMWF01:00P 01:50P3Main 
FIN 100 250 Personal FinanceT02:00P 04:40P3Main 
FIN 100 800 Personal FinanceMWF09:00A 10:50A3Main2nd 8-wks
FIN 100 Q1 Personal FinanceT07:00P 09:40P3Main1st 8-wks
FIN 100 W1Personal Finance  3Online Class 
FIN 201 180 Prin of Corp FinanceTR12:35P 01:50P3Main 
FIN 201 310 Prin of Corp FinanceT07:00P 09:30P3Main 
HOSP 110 060 Cust Serv for HospM09:00A 11:40A3Main 
HOSP 110 320 Cust Serv for HospW06:00P 08:50P3Main 
HOSP 120 W1 Explor/Hospitality  3Online Class 
HOSP 148 140 Intro Event PlanningTR11:00A 12:15P3Main 
HOSP 160 060 Hotel/Restaurant LawTR09:35A 10:50A3Main 
HOSP 233 250 Mgmt Accy/HospitalityW02:30P 05:20P3Main 
HOSP 233 W1Mgmt Accy/Hospitality  3Online Class 
HOSP 240 180 Cater/Spec Evnts OpeM12:00P 02:40P3Main 
HOSP 246 180 Sales/Convention MgmT12:30P 03:00P3Main 
HOSP 252 060 Org Behavior Hosp IndW09:00A 11:50A3Main 
HOSP 255 Q1 Hotel Org Front OfficeW12:00P 02:25P3Main1st 8-wks
HOSP 271 300 Understanding WinesM04:30P 07:10P3Main 
HOSP 295 020 Hospitality InternshipW08:00A 09:00A4Main 
MGMT 101 020 Prin of ManagementTR08:00A 09:15A3Main 
MGMT 101 060 Prin of ManagementMWF09:00A 09:50A3Main 
MGMT 101 140 Prin of ManagementMWF11:00A 11:50A3Main 
MGMT 101 320 Prin of ManagementW07:00P 09:50P3Main 
MGMT 101 800 Prin of ManagementTR02:00P 03:30P3MainLate Start 9/6/16
​MGMT 101 FEC1​Prin of Management​W​04:00P  06:40P​3​Frankfort Ed. Center
​MGMT 101 MEC1​Prin of Management​W​04:00P  06:40P​3​Morris Ed. Center
MGMT 101 Q1 Prin of ManagementTR01:00P 02:15P3Romeoville2nd 8-wks
MGMT 101 Q2 Prin of ManagementR07:00P 09:30P3Romeoville1st 8-wks
MGMT 101 Q3 Prin of Management 05:00P 06:30P3Main 
MGMT 101 W1Prin of Management  3Online Class 
MGMT 101 W2 Prin of Management  3Online Class2nd 8-wks
MGMT 102 140 Human RelationsTR11:00A 12:15P3Main 
MGMT 102 670 Human RelationsW07:00P 09:40P3Romeoville 
MGMT 102 830 Human RelationsR06:30P 09:30P3MainLate Start  9/8/16
MGMT 102 Q1 Human RelationsW12:00P 02:30P3Main2nd 8-wks
MGMT 102 Q3 Human RelationsT07:00P 09:40P3Main2nd 8-wks
MGMT 102 W1Human Relations  3Online Class 
MGMT 202 320 Human Resource MgmtW07:00P 09:40P3Main 
MGMT 202 W1Human Resource Mgmt  3Online Class 
MGMT 220 180 Entreprenshp/Sm BusMWF12:00P 12:50P3Main 
MGMT 220 330 Entreprenshp/Sm BusR07:00P 09:30P3Main 
MKTG 101 060 MarketingTR09:35A 10:50A3Main 
MKTG 101 140 MarketingMWF11:00A 11:50A3Main 
MKTG 101 141​Marketing​TR​11:00A  12:15P​3​Main
MKTG 101 320 MarketingW07:00P 09:50P3Main 
MKTG 101 670 MarketingT07:00P 09:30P3Romeoville 
MKTG 101 Q2 MarketingT07:00P 09:40P3Main2nd 8-wks
MKTG 101 W1Marketing  3Online Class 
MKTG 101 W2Marketing  3Online Class 
MKTG 101 W3 Marketing  3Online Class1st 8-wks
RET 107 300 Retail ManagementM07:00P 09:40P3Main 
​SALE 100 300​Sales​M​4:00P 6:40P​3​Main
TWL 100 W1Transp/Physical Distr  3Online Class 
TWL 120 W1Intro to Import/Export  3Online Class 




Whether you seek a degree in Business, liberal arts and science, or in a tecStudent Picture.jpghnical field. . .

Business courses will help you:

  • Become a leader in your organization and your community
  • Improve your consumer skills and plan for your financial success 
  • Better understand and appreciate national and global economic issues
  • Communicate more effectively and persuasively
  • Think logically, solve problems and make effective decisions
  • Start your own business. Be an entrepreneur. Create jobs.
  • Build effective teams and resolve group conflicts

With a Business Degree, you will have many exciting professional career opportunities in a variety of business and non-business fields. 

The Business Department faculty are committed to promoting your success through high quality teaching, effective academic advising and mentoring support.  

We encourage you to speak with Business Department faculty about the variety of career options and educational pathways for business students.  See the attached article from U.S. News & World Report for a description of many leading business occupations:  Top Business Jobs--US News and World Report


JJC had the largest group of college students of any Illinois college attending the Jumpstart to Accounting at the Illinois CPA Society.

So proud of our students' enthusiasm for Accounting careers!

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      Business Department Degrees and Certificates acbsp.jpg

____________________________________________________________________________________ Accelerate Your Degree       

The "Accelerate Your Degree" program will allow you to complete your Business Degree in as little as 18 months going full-time or 24 months part-time. Many certificates can be completed in as little as one semester. Classes are available in traditional, on-line, and blended formats.

  we are in the process of updating or web pages... What is a hybrid course? Click here: Hybrid Courses. List of Fall 2016 Accelerated Courses- Coming soon!

To review a sample 8-week schedule (Full-Time/Part-Time) please click on the following link:  Sample Schedule for Full Time Students



Congratulations, Cameron Grubisich on your successful internship at Walt Disney World! After two semesters with the Disney College Program, Cameron Grubisich will be returning to Illinois. The JJC Business Department is proud of Cameron and all of our students who intern in this magical place working for a Fortune 100 company. Not only is the Disney College Program a great experience for JJC students, but it also provides a great addition to a professional resume. To learn more about the Disney College Program, contact Professor Michelle Meyer in the JJC Business Department at