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Professional Development Seminar Information

Seminars Designed to Help You Excel in the Classroom

Joliet Junior College's Adjunct Faculty comprise some of the area's leading business people, educators and experienced career specialists. These seminars are designed to help instructors excel in the classroom. From technology training to classroom management, the seminars cover a variety of topics.

Whether you are a first time instructor or a veteran in the classroom, you can benefit from these valuable seminars. The seminars are free for instructors who are currently teaching a course at JJC. Faculty who attend three seminars will receive a $150 stipend. Seminars denoted with an asterisk may be repeated but stipends are not awarded for repeated sessions.

For more seminar information, contact Adjunct Faculty Seminar Coordinator Michelle Meyer (815) 280-7722 or emailing

Seminars Listing

ONLINE: Continuous Quality Improvement of Your Teaching

Course ID: FL2017_Online: Continuous Quality Improvement
Date: Sunday, October 22, 2017
Time: 12:00am - 11:59pm
Location: Online seminar via Canvas
October 22 – November 11, 2017 (3 weeks) Online seminar via Canvas This online seminar will take place online via the Canvas (iCampus) Learning Management System. Faculty will explore methods of evaluating their teaching and develop strategies for implementing a continuous quality improvement plan. Evaluation of teaching effectiveness often relies primarily on results of student surveys. Faculty will discuss a more accurate and holistic assessment that consists of a portfolio of teaching activities, coupled with self-reflection and mechanisms that foster continuous improvement in teaching. Participation in each of the three weeks is required. Estimated time required per week is approximately one hour. This session will be offered online using Canvas.

Connecting Students to Careers

Course ID: FL2017_Connecting Students
Date: Saturday, November 4, 2017
Time: 09:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Collaborative Classroom J-2026
NOTE: Change of date to Saturday, November 4th. How do your students learn about what it is really like to work in their chosen field of study? How can you help your students explore career options? This is a continuation of a seminar topic from last academic year in which faculty explored internships and externships for students. If you did not attend last year’s seminar, you are welcome to join this session. Career Services staff will guide a discussion about career exploration, resume writing, interview preparation and other services. Faculty will also learn how to access data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to share with students about job opportunities, salary ranges, and growth of industries in terms of employment over the next decade.

Are We Effective? Learn about our Institutional Effectiveness Indicators

Course ID: FL2017_Are We Effective?
Date: Saturday, December 2, 2017
Time: 09:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Collaborative Classroom J-2026
Institutional effectiveness is a process that involves the entire institution in the assessment and evaluation of the College's performance metrics, called Key Institutional Effectiveness Indicators (KIEIs). The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness has designed a series of Key Institutional Effectiveness Indicators to help visualize our data and advance the overall mission of Joliet Junior College by providing evidence of accountability and effectiveness. These indicators are a great resource for trend data to answer most information requests. Faculty will learn about these indicators and how to find the data sources for each indicator. This is great information for faculty to learn about their specific program or academic department, as well as, the college as an overall institution.