Adjunct Faculty Center
Location: J-1007
Phone: 815-280-6612

Room availability: Same as college hours

Regular Staffed Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 2:00pm - 7:30pm

Professional Development Seminar Information

Seminars Designed to Help You Excel in the Classroom

Joliet Junior College's Adjunct Faculty comprise some of the area's leading business people, educators and experienced career specialists. These seminars are designed to help instructors excel in the classroom. From technology training to classroom management, the seminars cover a variety of topics.

Whether you are a first time instructor or a veteran in the classroom, you can benefit from these valuable seminars. The seminars are free for instructors who are currently teaching a course at JJC. Faculty who attend three seminars will receive a $150 stipend. Seminars denoted with an asterisk may be repeated but stipends are not awarded for repeated sessions.

For more seminar information, contact Adjunct Faculty Seminar Coordinator Michelle Meyer (815) 280-7722 or emailing

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