Associate in General Studies

Students may select from a variety of learning experiences and/or explore specialized interests in greater depth. Students are advised that the A.G.S. degree is not considered a transfer degree and


There are currently two lecture only astronomy courses offered: Descriptive Astronomy which is a survey of astronomy and Life in the Universe which covers various aspects of life beyond Earth.

Automotive Service Technology

JJC has transfer agreements with a number of 4-year institutions for students to conveniently pursue a baccalaureate degree.


The biology program serves a diverse population of students, including Biology majors, Nursing majors, students in Allied Health, and students seeking to fulfill a laboratory science requirement.

Business Administration

Business Administration is a general two-year degree covering a variety of business disciplines.

Business Department

We Mean Business. Whether you seek to transfer to a university bachelor degree program or immediate entry into a business career, JJC's Business Department is the right choice. We offer degrees and

Certified Nurse Assistant

This course is designed to train and prepare students to take the Illinois Nurse Aide State Competency Exam. After passing the state exam, students are eligible to work as a Certified Nurse Assistant.

Chemistry Courses

All chemistry courses offered at JJC include lab experience in modern, well-equipped facilities. Students will have "hands-on" experience with instruments.

Child Development

The mission of the JJC Child Development Career program is to strengthen delivery of early childhood care and education services by providing cohesive, high quality pre-service and professional

Cisco - CNT Program

Cisco Career Certifications are ways to validate your knowledge and further your professional opportunities.

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