Certified Nurse Assistant

This course is designed to train and prepare students to take the Illinois Nurse Aide State Competency Exam. After passing the state exam, students are eligible to work as a Certified Nurse Assistant.

Chemistry Courses

All chemistry courses offered at JJC include lab experience in modern, well-equipped facilities. Students will have "hands-on" experience with instruments.

Child Development

The mission of the JJC Child Development Career program is to strengthen delivery of early childhood care and education services by providing cohesive, high quality pre-service and professional develo

Cisco - CNT Program

Cisco Career Certifications are ways to validate your knowledge and further your professional opportunities.


The Communication program stresses cooperative learning, small group activities, computer-assisted instruction and multimedia instruction to help the student better understand the principles of commun

Composition Courses

Composition courses introduce students to college level critical thinking and writing. Emphasis is placed on rhetorical and mechanical proficiency.

Computer Aided Design and Drafting

Computer Aided Design and Drafting Program provides courses in the mechanical, architectural and related design and engineering disciplines.

Computer Information Systems

Computer Programming Graduates of this program may be employed as computer support personnel, microcomputer programmer, entry level systems analyst, and technical support personnel. Degree Requirement

Computer Programming

A computer programming degree generally involves studying a variety of programming languages. It allows students to work in a diverse industry within the information technology environments.

Construction Management

Text The Construction Management program provides the student with the education and training necessary for employment in the construction industry or as a foundation to pursue additional study in t

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