Journalism at JJC offers four basic courses that prepare a student for a major in journalism at a four-year college or university.

Our courses—Introduction to Mass Media, Introduction to Public Relations, Basic News Writing, and Basic News editing—form the foundation of a journalism degree. Anyone interested in journalism (in all of its forms) will benefit by setting a foundation for the degree with these four basic courses.

  • Journalism 102 - Basic News Editing
  • Journalism 103 - Introduction to Mass Media
  • Journalism 104 - Introduction to Public Relations
  • Journalism 201 - News Reporting and Writing

What Will I Learn?

As a journalism student at JJC, you will first learn about the various media that inform and entertain us, ranging from hard news to film to public relations to the recording industry and advertising. By doing so, you will learn about how the media affects us every day and how it helps to shape the world around us. You will then learn how to write and edit in the journalistic style—both for print and online publications as well as broadcast (TV and radio). You will also learn about the strong connection between Public Relations and the news and entertainment worlds. Finally, you will learn how to communicate clearly and succinctly, a skill that translates into a variety of fields.

What is Unique About Our Program?

Unlike most community colleges, we offer four courses that are transferable to colleges and universities across Illinois and the country. While most programs offer introduction to mass media and some basic writing and editing courses, we also offer an introduction to Public Relations, a field many consider even after working in the news field for many years. We also offer an opportunity to work on an award-winning student newspaper that also has a strong online presence. Although the newspaper is not directly tied to the program, many of the editors and writers first learn about journalism in the program.

What Are My Career Opportunities?

Journalism covers a broad range of fields, both in traditional journalism and in areas not immediately identified as journalism. As a journalism major, after you complete the four basic courses at JJC, you can choose a concentration at a four-year institution that will prepare you for work in the print, broadcast, public relations, advertising or photography worlds. Many journalists practice in the news field, but just as many work in public information for colleges, universities and government agencies. Our graduates edit magazines and newspapers; write news, sports and entertainment; work in the broadcast media; serve as public relations and advertising professionals; work in sports information; and work as information specialists in corporate and non-profit settings.