Law Enforcement

The law enforcement degree offers a broad-based, multi-disciplinary program of study for those seeking to enhance their professional knowledge in the discipline.

The degree program consists of a balance of basic general education and professional coursework that provide the educational background demanded by today’s police service. To provide the student with an opportunity to find out what real police work is all about, an internship, served in a local police agency, is a required part of the program.

Degree Information

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Certificate of Achievement

Law Enforcement

Gainful Employment Disclosures

What are Gainful Employment Programs? An educational program must lead to a degree at a non-profit or public institution or it must prepare students for "gainful employment in a recognized occupation."  Information is presented to the student about the length of each program, its estimated cost, and a way to obtain further information about the kinds of jobs available for those who complete this program and participate in the student financial assistance programs. Whether you are a current student or a prospective student, we hope that this information is helpful in making informed choices about your career and education.