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Academic Dress 

Academic Dress 

Candidates wearing cords are affiliated with Joliet Junior College honor societies. The red cords signify membership in the Sigma Delta Mu National Honor Society for the study of Spanish and Hispanic cultures. The royal blue and gold cords are worn by members of the Psi Beta Psychology Honor Society. The purple and white cords are worn by members of the Alpha Mu Gamma National Honor Society. The purple and gold cords signify membership in Kappa Pi Honor Society for Arts. The navy blue and white cords are worn by members of the Delta Psi Omega Drama and Theatre Honor Society. Students wearing bronze medallions on purple ribbons are graduating from the Joliet Junior College Honors Program. The royal blue stoles signify membership in Alpha Beta Gamma Honor Society for Business.

These insignia identify students as scholars of distinction who have demonstrated a commitment to learning at a high level of achievement and demonstrate Joliet Junior College’s historical success in attracting capable students and producing exemplary citizens.

The gowns worn by the faculty, administration and stage party indicate their highest earned degree. The bachelor’s degree robe has pointed sleeves. The master’s degree gown is appointed with full oblong sleeves. The doctoral gown has bell-shaped sleeves with three velvet chevrons. The hoods bear the colors of the educational institution from which the degree was awarded with a colored border indicating the field of study in which the degree was awarded. The field of philosophy is generally accorded the highest rank among scholars.

  • Agriculture — Maize
  • Arts, Letters and Humanities — White
  • Business Administration — Olive Drab
  • Economics — Copper
  • Education — Light Blue
  • Engineering — Orange
  • Fine Arts — Brown
  • Journalism — Crimson
  • Library Science — Lemon
  • Music — Pink
  • Nursing — Apricot
  • Physical Education — Sage Green
  • Philosophy — Dark Blue
  • Science — Gold/Yellow
  • Speech — Silver Gray
  • Social Science — Citron
  • Theology — Scarlet

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